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skunky diesel seeds

Skunky diesel seeds

Follow our germination guide to get high germination rates. Our expert growers have written a guide to help you.

Find all tips and tricks for growing XXX strain in Europe. Europe is one of the continents that make up the Eurasian supercontinent. Also, due to its vast territory and geographical location, it can be divided into four climatic zones.
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Skunk Dieses is a true Indica strain which we will not have any problem growing. A beauty with lush foliage with tails full of well-compacted buds but with a quantity of resin that will stick your fingers.

How to grow XXX in the Northern Hemisphere?

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BLIMBURN SEED UKHow to Grow XXX in the UK?

This magnificent plant is strong and very resistant to diseases, pests, mold, even unfavorable climates. Ideal for those inexperienced hands who want to start in the world of cannabis.

From Blimburn Seeds, we bring you the best tips and tricks to grow our XXX strain in the Northern Hemisphere. Follow our Grow Guide for grow XXX in the USA, Canada, Europe and UK.

Skunky diesel seeds

Aside from the possible risk of dizziness, Skunk #1 seems to present more pros for consumption than cons.

Skunk #1 was initially created for indoor cultivation. However, it is now suitable for outdoor growing.

Skunk #1 radiates with sugar leaves present amongst light-yellow and faded green hues, mixed with a bit of silvery-gray. The buds often contain patches of bright orange pistils that curl and twist throughout the sugar leaves. A thick coating of trichomes usually coats the surface of these densely packed balls of herb.

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Skunk #1 is a legendary marijuana strain developed in California before being brought to the Netherlands. It has spawned countless hybrids and remains incredibly popular today. Users tend to gravitate towards Skunk #1 for help with depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, migraines, headaches, and fatigue.

Possible Side Effects of the Skunk #1 Strain

Skunk #1 typically has a THC content ranging from 15% to 19%, with an average of 17%. However, some tests have revealed up to 22% THC.

Much as the name suggests, the aroma of Skunk #1 is the epitome of skunky. It radiates an intense and sometimes overwhelming scent that has become a favorite amongst cannaisseurs, medical marijuana patients, and recreational users. There are also sweet and sour hints, though these remain secondary to the skunkiness.

The flowering period of Skunk #1 is 8-9 weeks, with outdoor harvest falling around mid-October. You can expect a yield of around 16 ounces of bud per plant outdoors and 18 ounces per square meter indoors.


Skunk #1 offers an intriguing combination of experiences for the mind and body once consumed. Best saved for later in the day, this cannabis strain can provide deep relaxation and soothe the body, sending all of your limbs into a trance-like state.

Indoors, soil is probably preferable to hydroponics because the latter can sometimes increase humidity levels, thus increasing the chance of mold growth.