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shiraz seeds

Shiraz seeds

The purple colour does fade to dark green with cooking, less so with steaming but they will retain their fabulous deep purple hue if left raw in a mixed salad or quickly stir-fried with other veg. As with many purple veg they are full of anthocyanins (antioxidants) that are so good for keeping the body healthy.

Pea Shiraz is a climbing variety that will require tying to canes/netting as it reaches a height of 1.2m, when it has reached the height required ‘pinch out’ to encourage the plant to put its energy into producing lots of pods. The pods are best picked when young and tender and the peas are just beginning to form.

Pea Shiraz Vegetable Seed Information

Top Tip
If you want to boost your harvests then intersow with Yellow Trefoil . why?
Read our blog HERE for further information.

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When to Sow Pea Shiraz Vegetable Seeds

The pods that have a sweet delicious pea taste and the crisp crunch so associated with home grown freshly picked pods which is so amiss with days old shop bought bendy ones.

Shiraz seeds

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