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sherb cookies wax seeds

Sherb cookies wax seeds

The cure on this bud is great but as you can see I’m enjoying it a few months after harvest so it is a little on the dry side. It still had good snap to it though when I broke it up. The crystals left behind on my hand were a little more on the dry sandy texture side. After rolling up and sparking my joint, the taste test began. Fairly smooth thick smoke on this one.

I love @seedjunky_jbeezy so when this strain popped up on the menu I got excited. They are know for having some really strong tasting products. When I opened this bag I’m immediately met with a sweet yet sour smell reminiscent of sour cherries and dried fruit strip. I also get hints of gas, candy and some musky-ness as well. But after grinding it up I experienced more of a sweeter candy (similar to bubblegum) and gas smell.

The high to me was the best part and the taste to be honest left me wanting more. I think if I had gotten this cut a couple months ago this review would be a lot different.

This strain was very sour and almost reminded me of children’s cough medicine, bubblegum flavored. It also left this creamy after taste in my mouth that was interesting. And last but not least the high, which is a very relaxing indica leaning high. Slight head buzz with lots of euphoria.

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Sherb cookies wax seeds

Karma Genetics’ testing processes are particularly intensive, which has allowed them to stand out against the competition with ease leading them to be recognised by countless elite growers in the community as some of the best breeders in the world.

Sowahh Sherb regular weed seeds from Karma Genetics is the latest limited edition strain from the esteemed breeding team over at Karma!

The bag appeal is off the charts with this one, so legal growers can expect to produce medium-sized & medium-yielding plants with tight, bulky, rounded buds that often develop purple tinges towards the end of the flowering period. In addition, Sowahh Sherb is easy to grow & maintain, making it the perfect cultivar for beginner or elite growers alike and it has a reasonably short flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks.

This limited edition release of this cultivar is bred using their Sherb IX mother, a delectable cross between the infamous Gelato #33 and Sunset Sherbert, creating an exotic hybrid ripe with sherberty sweet dessert notes and lovely creamy gassy terps on the backend. The team has then hit her with their Sour D bx3 Male that’s quickly gained a reputation for being one of the best Sour Diesel weed seeds available in contemporary times. The terpene profile expressed by the Sowahh Sherb ranges from a creamy, candied sweet funk from the gelato to a fresh, sour gas representing the best of both flavours from the parents.

Come check out the rest of Karma Genetics line as these limited edition weed seeds are sure to fly out fast! Due to the limited nature, we will only be offering these packs at retail and each will come with a special numbered Karma Genetics jar limited to an edition of 100.