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santa clara county marijuana growing laws

Jacob Pena, who waited in line outside Caliva for an hour to buy medical marijuana, said he had no idea about the order’s restriction and was turned away.

“I’m upset about it, I’m upset about it,” Pena said. “They said I need a medical card, I didn’t bring it, I’ve been coming here without a medical card for five years.”

Caliva’s delivery orders are so overwhelmed that O’Malley said they can’t offer same-day service, which he said hurts consumers who need it as soon as possible.

“Consumers in Santa Clara county have not needed that for three years,” he said. “Their questions are, ‘How do I get a card if the state systems are shut down’ and they don’t want to overwhelm the doctors’ offices to go get a recommendation.”

“So while the county has said delivery is an option the reality is most dispensaries are not able to deliver,” O’Malley said.

It’s legal to use pot in California, but it’s not legal to grow it on public land, park or on somebody’s private property without them knowing about it.

Generally, law enforcement says these illegal grows are the work of a crime cartel.

“They’re using somebody else’s water, doing damage to the environment, leaving a mess, and it’s not the legal kind of grow,” said Laurie Smith of the Sheriff’s Department.

#Marijuana is legal to use but not to grow if it’s on public/ park land or on private property without owner’s knowledge. #SantaClaraCo #Sheriff #MET unit (Marijuana Eradication Team) cleaning up #environmental damage at illegal grow sites after numerous raids.— Robert Handa (@RHandaNBC) February 17, 2021

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Marijuana Eradication Team (MET) is wrapping up a series of raids on illegal pot grows this week. The team, along with state agencies, spent the summer raiding eight different grows — many run by crime cartels.

Santa clara county marijuana growing laws

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