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rockstar seeds

The name says it all. Rockstar marijuana seeds provide a well-rounded, balanced high that mixes cerebral and bodily effects in a mild, gentle manner. It’s easy to remain productive and focused after smoking this indica hybrid.

The name says it all. Rockstar marijuana seeds can make you feel ready to hit the stage, tackle your to-do list, and conquer the day like a champ. The Rockstar marijuana strain veers slightly on the indica side but is considered a hybrid thanks to its mixed and well-balanced effects. The experience doesn’t feel too heavy on the mind or body, but rather a healthy dose of both.


Because of its well-rounded effects, Rockstar makes an excellent choice for a number of daily occasions. Maybe you smoke it before work to get a boost of energy or focus. Maybe you take a hit before meeting up with friends to feel more social and giggly. Or maybe, you roll it up in a joint before bed to help you feel calm and relaxed. Really, there is no wrong time to reach for Rockstar marijuana seeds.

This hybrid provides a perfect blend of a bodily and cerebral high. The energizing effects won’t have you bouncing off the walls, and the relaxing effects won’t send you straight to sleep. It’s very easy to remain productive with Rockstar marijuana seeds. Growers will also come to love the exotic aroma that comes from these plants. It’s a mix of grapes and spices.

The BC Rockstar (a.k.a. Rockstar Kush) is a powerful new medical marijuana strain that was created by crossing Rockstar with Bubba Kush. It is an indica-dominant indoor strain that delivers a lung-expanding 23% THC; despite this the initial rush levels out into a very relaxing experience. It has quite obvious Skunk and Kush aromas when the dried buds are crushed.

BC Rockstar takes 8 – 9 weeks of flowering to mature before the plants, with a height between 150- 180cm, are ready to harvest. Yields are only average but the quality really delivers. It has many medicinal applications especially for those dealing with chronic pain and appetite issues but is also beneficial to counter the symptoms of depression, headaches, inflammation and stress. BC Rockstar is extremely suitable for making extracts with and it was awarded 2nd. place in the 2012 Cannabis Cup in the hybrid category.