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report someone growing weed

Report someone growing weed

She also said that officers on patrol sometimes use tip-offs to decide which areas they’ll patrol. If they were to smell the cannabis themselves, they might knock on the door and broach the subject that way.

So what action can you take if you suspect the drug is being used near your home? The Derby Telegraph and DevonLive took a closer look at the law surrounding cannabis.

"These should be carried out quarterly if there are any concerns but make sure that you give the tenant or tenants sufficient notice beforehand so as not to disrupt privacy. Lastly, get to know the neighbours and local residents, as they can help alert you should they either see or smell what they suspect to be cannabis use on the property."

What will happen to my neighbours if I call police about them?

"We would encourage anyone who suspects drug activity in their community to contact us.”

The notoriously pungent stench may be a sign of a recreational user smoking the odd joint next door or the drug being grown in large quantities close by.

Can people smoke cannabis on their own property legally?

He said: "If they see or smell what they believe to be evidence of cannabis use, they should remind and warn the tenants that such actions are in violation of the tenancy agreement. If, when they next visit the property, they see the same evidence they may then wish to resort to serving a section 21, or eviction, notice.

Unlike the police, if you tell your neighbour’s landlord, there’s no guarantee they won’t give away your identity.

Report someone growing weed

Often these Cannabis Cultivations are controlled by Organised Criminal Gangs and they have been discovered in large scale commercial sites in Industrial Estates and also rural locations in outbuildings/barns rented out for commercial purposes by the owner of the land. Often cannabis factories have been discovered in residential rental properties, from a 2 bed flat or a 7 bedroom house. Extensive damage is often caused to the building during the installation and subsequent removal of the cannabis cultivation and this can run into thousands of pounds, ultimately the liability of the landlord or their insurance company.

In the past few years, there has been a distinct increase in the number of Cannabis Factories discovered across Northern Ireland.

Identifying a few simple early warning signs and by carrying out due diligence in relation to their properties this risk can be drastically minimized. Protect Your Investment from the Drug Dealer – Advice for Landlords leaflet.