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regular cannabis seeds

Regular seeds should give a theorical percentage of 50% female plants and 50% male plants. This may vary depending on luck and environmental conditions. Most times, the proportion will be 4-6 female plants for every 10 germinated seeds.

Plants from regular seeds are less likely to hermaphroditism than feminized seeds. For this reason, regular seeds are used by many growers to select mother plants and have a quality source of cuttings.

Ideal for mother plants

With regular seeds you can select both male plants and female plants to produce “homemade” seeds. Many experienced growers use only regular strains, while feminized seeds are is mainly demandedd by novice farmers. Do not forget that the rest of strains would not exist without regular seeds!

Regular seeds are a favorite among expert growers

Regular cannabis seeds

High delivery success rate

This relatively new kid on the block (been in business for just a few years) boasts a competitive customer desk. They offer a decent range of strains, including medicinal, autoflowering, CBD, and feminized seeds – for your pick.

7. True North – Best Marijuana Seed Company with a Flat Fee

However, because Seed City specializes in rare weed strains, they hardly stock the popular ones. You might want to look elsewhere for those if you need them.

There seems to be limited info about this Vancouver company’s payment options, though. This can be a pain, especially during checkout.

Top Seed Banks – Your Questions Answered

MA massive product selection

Regular cannabis seeds

Our Darwinist philosophy suggests that nothing is perfect but everything is perfectible with Evolution. This led us to to the goal to find the perfect stallion for every jewel we had collected for years. With the success of marvels like White Queen, Agent Lemon or Mandela Kush we became aware that the genetics we create produce High Quality Cannabis hence we have finally decided to share this legacy with the everyday grower in the form of seeds, available worldwide.

For all our customers, all over the world, we offer free shipping, worldwide delivery, discreet delivery and safe packaging on every order of our seeds.

Bubblegum x Pineapple Kush

Each one is the fruit of a particular project ,whether medicinal or tasting or other; Cacao Kush was thought to be a solution against sleep troubles, Bubba Haze as a natural antistress, Sour Power Plant an agrums delight. Agent Lemon gives everyone possibility to enjoy the “Mr Clean”experience.

Pineapple Bubblegum

Original Agent Lemon x Power Plant

Enjoy the full experience of the French Legacy !

All varieties you can find here are original creations, generated with famous strains hardly collected for years and they meet themselves in a sane purpose of evolution. All are F1 genetics from original elite clones, what guarantees an extraordinary power for your plants, as in THC levels as in aromas potential.


REGULAR SEED’S universe available in customized versions.

We decided to create a real grower and cannabiss lover community to enjoy our REGULAR SEED’S universe.