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ray charles seeds

Ray Charles is legendary for his talent tickling the keys, but he’s equally famed among the cannabis community for his enthusiastic passion for pot – and so the indica-dominant Ray Charles marijuana was named in his honor. Slow to settle in with a complex profile of soil, fuel, and flowers that can sometimes be harsh on the throat, Ray Charles marijuana will help you shake off your blues.

Slow but steady, the effects of Ray Charles creep in, lending a heaviness to your extremities that is deliciously relaxing. A sweet sense of happiness courtesy of its up to 18% THC begins to build as sedation takes over and you’re left to drift into a bliss-filled sleep. For these reasons, Ray Charles marijuana is an ideal therapeutic option for patients looking to combat stress, anxiety, chronic pain issues, muscle spasms, and even fatigue.


Named for a legend who had a passion for pot, Ray Charles marijuana is potent indica that will kick the blues away as it helps you get a deeply restful night’s sleep.

Beginner growers may want to give Ray Charles marijuana seeds a miss, as the indica tends to be harder to grow, though may thrive outdoors. Take some time to snip and prune its leaves and branches to guarantee adequate light and air circulation. Within 9 weeks of flowering, you’ll be ready to harvest its dark green buds with their frosty coating of trichomes.

Ray charles seeds

Mine is a different batch. I just checked. It’s the same date, but different cannabinoid percentages. No seeds in mine. I would be livid. That happened to me with Rev popcorn halfs recently such as Gorilla’d Cheese.

Good to know because I just got the worst eighth of MAC flower I’ve ever seen. Shit had a fuckin stem with no nug weighed in with it. Not to mention it is NOT flower by any means of the word. Pics will be posted

Had this happen with Rythm multiple times. They actually gave me a credit. I bet Grassroots would be more understanding. Contact your dispensary and have them set up a credit for a new product. I didn't think it would work, especially with GTI, but I think Grassroots takes this seriously. Just a gut feeling.