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purple terpenes seeds

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Purple terpenes seeds

This strain is known for its short flowering time, which can ensure a quick outdoor harvest. In Dutch latitudes, in most cases, it will be ready in September. Some phenotypes are ready towards the beginning or middle of September while the phenotypes that have a longer flowering finish it towards the beginning of October.

Purple # 1 is easy to grow and responds well to a variety of growing techniques such as LST (Low Stress Training) and HST (High Stress Training). You can also grow her indoors, but remember that she was originally developed for outdoor and greenhouse growing.

Some phenotypes also have more chemical and pine notes. It’s a powerful yet subtle aroma, it’s not super penetrating but it’s certainly enough.

The first pistils to appear in most cannabis strains are usually white, with our Purple # 1 these pistils can range from purple or pink to dark purple.

What exactly are the genetic characteristics of Purple # 1?
Purple # 1 is the famous original purple cannabis seed strain from the 1980s and is renowned for its beautiful and unique colors as well as its potent high. Our original Purple # 1 has 50% sativa and 50% indica genetics.

The flowers of Purple # 1 are purple and have an attractive appearance
Purple # 1 mostly has purple colored phenotypes, but in a few exceptions you can find some that are completely green. These are usually the slightly more potent phenotypes that will smell a little more fruity and sweeter than purple plants.

� Purple # 1 has that classic Afghan aroma and flavor with earthy, fruity and spicy notes. It is a plant suitable for any type of grower or growing condition and can serve as a basis for new crosses

� If you are looking for a beautiful purple cannabis strain with a short average flowering time of around 8 weeks and a unique look then this is the perfect choice!

Purple # 1 tastes the same as its smell, slightly tart, earthy, fruity and spicy. It is a flavorful strain with a complex terpene profile. Connoisseurs will be able to recognize the classic old-school Afghan terpenes in this strain.