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purple tangie seeds

Purple tangie seeds

This is a hybrid strain that is known as Ice Cream Cake. This strain is a proprietary pheno that is a combination of two of the hottest stains in the California market.

The company is currently focused on cultivating proprietary cannabis strains for the top-shelf flower market in Oklahoma.

Triangle Mints (Triangle Kush x Animal Mints) with a 10 week flower.

Gelato Cake #1

Purple Tangie specializes in producing ultra-premium, proprietary, cannabis for the flower product market.

Purple Tangie is an Oklahoma based, seed-to-sale cannabis company, founded in 2018. The company founders have been in the industry for many years, with one of the founders being an award-winning grow master out of California.

Purple Tangie

Gelato33 x Wedding Cake with a 9 week flower.

Ice Cream Cake has sweat cream notes with fruity undertones. This strain produces exceptionally large, dense, and very potent appealing buds that are green with purple hues.

These effects make Purple Tangie a good solution for chronic fatigue, muscle spasms, pains and chronic stress. It has the classic Purple fragrance and flavour with a hint of sweet grapes and spicy berries, and the buds are covered in a glazing of white trichomes with purple hues.

The high remains vivid and clear for all its duration which may cause anxiety in some users.

The effect is powerful and lasting characterized by energetic and uplifting sensations which are perfect in the morning after having just woken up or in the early afternoon. You will experience a cerebral euphoric charge before a heightening of of your mental clarity and concentration.

It’s not surprising that Purple Tangie is loved all over the world for its 22% THC level and a very high high CBD content which has yet to be measured professionally.

Purple Tangie is a predominantly sativa hybrid created by crossing Tangie and the yummy Purple. Although it’s new on the market, Purple Tangie has already won over the medical community, by winning first spot as Best Concentrate of medical Sativa at the Los Angeles High Times Cannabis Cup 2016.

Difficulty: medium-high | Flowering: 9 weeks | Flavours: berries, moist, grapes, orange, spicy, sweet | Aromas: lime, moist, earthy, mossy, spicy hot