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purple starburst seeds

Originally hailing from Alaska, Starburst received its name due to its sweet taste and strong citrusy, lemon-lime smell. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid and was produced from a crossbreed of Tangerine and The Hook. Lab tests have shown a THC concentration of over 18% .

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Purple starburst seeds

Unfortunately I havent heard great things about their flower, but figured I would give their brand a shot.

Taste: this is some good tasting weed. It has that purple/slightly grape flavor and also a citrusy-almost gas flavor. i actually really love this flavor profile. 9.2/10

Looks: this surprised me with looks. its super frosty. has nice purple coloring with a nice white/green coloring as well. it looks just as nice as any flower ive had in NJ mmp. Now with curaleaf being the only brand i havent tried. ive gotta give this a 9.5/10 because it looks AS GOOD as anything else in the program.

High: it comes on very lightly, I could feel it during the joint. and you stay barely high for probably about 10min after smoking. as you head inside, you can tell youre high. its more sativa feeling to me but a good indica high is there too. it starts to intensity more into the body after 10min. and now im feeling a good body high with a nice head high as well. this ranked in at 19% thca – the lowest out of the 4 strains I purchased. but this is a nice quality high. ill be interested to see if the rest of the 8th I purchased has the same effects on me. but for right now on a 1st try, this is a 9.3/10