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purple diesel seeds

Purple diesel seeds

Des fletcher
So glad I found this company.Great service, cheapest prices,amazing selection of seeds,Free postage.

Very good job. Kudos to the whole team.

it's the best. Customer service is also kind and polite.

Purple Diesel Cannabis Seeds from Cali Connection Seeds

Purple Diesel Cannabis Seed Stats

The Purple Diesel strain is derived by crossing the ‘Sour Diesel’ strain with the incredibly popular ‘Bubba Kush strain’. The sativa attributes are slightly stronger than the indica characteristics and also boasts of an abnormally high THC level. The incredibly high THC content have an ecstatic effect on you coupled with bursts of creative energy.

Purple Diesel Seeds for Sale:

The high is powerful which increases in potency slowly and gradually, soon making you feel spirited and relaxed.


Purple Diesel responds well to SCROG and SOG grow settings. Top, train, and prune the plants periodically to keep them from becoming unwieldy.