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private banana seeds

It’s important to understand sexual reproduction.

Think of a supermarket banana like a supermarket egg.

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If a supermarket egg is not fertilized it doesn’t produce a chick.

Many varieties do not self-pollinate and seeds from cross-pollination will not grow true to type and will become new varieties.

Private banana seeds

Community interest in developing and doing fruit commodity business is increasing. This is indicated by the high demand for seeds. In 2017-2019, the tropical Balitbu produced 625,000 seeds of various tropical fruits. Most of the seeds have been distributed and received with enthusiasm by the community. Until now the production of fruit crop seeds continues to run, both by the Tropics of Balitbu, Seed Centers and by the Department of Agriculture and the private sector.
Bananas are one of the tropical fruit commodities whose demand for seeds is very large, especially the cape varieties. Kepok cape varieties are superior varieties of bananas released by the Tropics of Balitbu in 2009 with SK 379 / Kpts / SR. 120/1/2009. The advantage is high production (20-30 tons / ha), tolerant of fusarium wilt and escape (avoid) from bacterial wilt disease. This variety is a solution and can replace ordinary kepok bananas which are susceptible to bacterial wilt disease.
Provision of high quality banana seeds in good quality is very much needed in the development of banana commodities. BALITBANGTAN as a technology producer must make efforts to accelerate the politicization of technology to the users. Cooperation of various parties is needed in the success of this banana commodity development program. Quality seed breeders / breeders are very important in providing certified superior seeds. The formation and formation of banana seed breeders is a solution in overcoming the scarcity of banana seed availability.
Breeders of the Seven Brothers bananas led by Firdaus tenacious farmers from Jorong Batu Palano Nagari Salayo, Kubung District, Solok Regency, West Sumatra is one of the cultivators of bananas under the guidance of BALITBANGTAN and the Regional Government of Kab. Solok is starting to be known by the public. Starting with the cultivation of superior Tanjung Kepok bananas in his garden since 2013. Firdaus obtained two seedlings from Tanjung Kepit Tanjung Tropical Researchers, now the population of Kepok Tanjung cape in Firdaus has reached 3,000 clumps (3 ha) and is well maintained.
Through technology assistance from BALITBANGTAN Firdaus banana cultivation is growing rapidly and subsequently developed as an official breeder of banana seeds. BALITBANGTAN (Balitbu Tropika) teamed up with West Sumatra BPSB and the Solok District Agriculture Office, to jointly assist in growing and developing the Tanjung Kepok banana seed breeder. BPSB as a government institution authorized to carry out the task of supervision and certification of seeds, has helped accelerate the registration of 200 parent trees and the process of labeling seeds.
When visited by the Balitbu Tropika, BPSB and the Regional Representative Office of Solok Regency recently, the official breeder of the Kepok tanjung banana has produced approximately 14,000 seeds that have been spread to various regions such as Aceh, Riau, Java and West Sumatra itself.
Firdaus hopes his efforts will bear fruit so that he can send his seven children to school and raise the economic level of the family.
Head of Tropical Balitbu Dr. Ellina Mansyah MP stated that seed production is one of the simplest forms of bioindustry that can be applied in the community. Activities can accelerate the downstreaming of BALITBANGTAN technology to the community, through community empowerment. In this case the seed breeder can reap the benefits directly in increasing the level of the economy.