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pink death star seeds

Pink death star seeds

The Death star cut -0 released by team Deathstar is a veritable spice cabinet of cannabis terpenes. Ranging from cardamom and pepper to ginger and fennel, this motherfucker smells like indian food curries delgiht. With MASSIVE yioelds, stellar potency, long lasting high, and resin up the wazoo, this clone has been hailed form coast to coast as a keeper. We brought int he black rose to not only liven up the spices but coloration of the classic clone only

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Medical Values

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Pink Death Star is the key to a deeply relaxing evening and is a special treat for your muscles and your mind, in both solo or social situations.


Once its effects do set in, Pink Death Star may leave you weak in the knees–literally. Many users have reported that their limbs feel heavy and they are suddenly interested in finding the closest seat possible. Muscle tension is eased, and although mental effects may be observed, expect more dreamy thoughts than high energy, fast moving ideas. This makes Pink Death Star a good pick for watching easy to follow movies. If the dosage is increased, expect to feel stuck to the couch, literally. Pink Death Star is probably best utilized in the evening rather than morning or mid-day for this reason.

Don’t be intimidated by Pink Death Star’s name–this hybrid strain is a great choice for new cannabis users and experienced marijuana experts alike. Gravitating more towards Indica, this strain might be accurately described as a “creeper” because it can take a few minutes for its potent effects to make themselves known.