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peyton manning seeds

Peyton manning seeds

Jan. 11, 2015: Looking very much like a declining 38-year-old player, Manning is ineffective in a 24-13 divisional-round loss to the Colts, the ninth time Manning goes one-and-done in postseason and leaving him with an 11-13 playoff record.

Sept. 6, 1998: He passes for 302 yards, one TD and three INTs in his pro debut, a 24-15 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

Oct. 4, 1998: He notches his first NFL victory, a 17-12 decision over Leaf’s San Diego Chargers.

Jan. 18, 2004: The Colts fall 24-14 to the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, the first time Manning — who was picked off four times — and Brady lock horns in the playoffs. New England would go on to win the Super Bowl, while Manning was named league MVP for the first time, a fitting microcosm of how he would be compared to Brady in future years.

Sept. 10, 2006: In his first showdown with younger brother Eli, Manning throws for 276 yards and a TD as the Colts top the New York Giants 26-21. Peyton would go on to triumph in all three installments of the “Manning Bowl.”

Jan. 12, 2013: Due in large part to a late defensive collapse, the top-seeded Broncos lose their playoff opener 38-35 in double OT to the Baltimore Ravens. Manning throws for 290 yards, three TDs and two INTs.

Jan. 16, 2005: The Colts fall to the Patriots 20-3 in the divisional round as Manning is limited to 238 passing yards and an INT. Manning, who would again be named league MVP, would never lose another playoff matchup to Brady.

March 20, 2012: Manning is introduced as the newest Bronco after agreeing to a five-year, $96 million deal. He replaces fan favorite Tim Tebow, who will later be traded to the Jets.

March 5, 2015: Manning agrees to the first pay cut of his career, for $4 million. He can make all of the money back by winning the Super Bowl. (More on that later.)

* He’s won twice as a No. 1 seed.

* He’s 1-3 in games when his team has been favored by nine or 10 points. That’s straight-up and against the spread. Yeah, that one jumped out at me. The Broncos were 10-point home favorites in Saturday’s loss to the Ravens. Ouch.

* His teams have been favored 15 times overall. He is 7-8 in those games. Oddsmakers love to inflate the line when he’s involved.

Here’s what I found out about Manning and his playoff teams:

Been thinking about Peyton Manning since he threw that late interception and lost another playoff game Saturday. Another one-and-done, this time in Denver, 38-35 in double OT to Baltimore.

* He’s 0-3 as either a fourth, fifth or sixth seed.

Some Colts fans will never ever say one negative thing about Peyton Manning, because of what he has meant to the city and its franchise.

While there’s enough blame to go around when teams lose, and it’s unfair to blame one guy for everything, the fact Manning is 9-11 in the playoffs is a compelling statistic. So I looked into it today, for several reasons.