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peyote cookies seeds

This strain has great hybrid vigour, is very robust and also easy to cultivate indoors as well as outdoors and shows good resistance to mould and mildew. It is 95% indica and grows into a medium-sized plant of one meter in height or just under that figure. Indoors the flowering time is between 49 – 55 days with substantial yields of 550 – 600 gr/m 2 . Plants grown outdoors will be ready for the chop in September and can produce up to 550 gr/plant. It is an extremely colourful example with shades of red and purple standing out.

Peyote Cookies is a cross of Peyote Purple with Cookies Kush. In order to achieve the final result many generations of selection and back-crossing was necessary but ultimately this was a great success with the finest qualities of both parent strains being present in Peyote Cookies.

Peyote Cookies has a very complex flavour profile including earthiness and guava with notes of vanilla and coffee. Its effect is very powerful, relaxing and long-lasting. It can cause an attack of the munchies and may well have therapeutic applications for those needing to stimulate appetite. It has also been found to help with headaches, insomnia, stress and with pain relief.

Peyote cookies seeds

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Due to its heavy buds, using meshes or supports is recommended. Besides their amazing resin production, Peyote Cookies buds also develop beautiful purple and reddish hues at the end of the bloom stage.

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Map of the Peyote Cookies Descendants

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General Impression Indoors

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Peyote cookies seeds

If indoor growing, you should get long growing time because its development’s slow – anyway, it will produce many branches and its small size will be ideal to deal with reduced indoor-growing spaces; Peyote Cookies of Barney’s Farm, about 500g/sq m in 8 flowering weeks.

If outdoor growing, this marvel will produce strong robust strains, properly strong against inclement weather – climate changes won’t be any problem for this strong genetics; with abundant sun, up to 2.5m strains and 1 crop kg/plant – abundant production with unique flavor. Ready crop by late September-early October, and ideal fast flowering for damp places with crops before rain and cold – indica strain with hard pressed buds which could have fungi pest attacks.


Peyote Cookies produces slow-growth strains with strong branched structure and very resinous excellent-flavored flowers.

The flavor of this indica hybrid’s really sweet, with vanilla-cinnamon notes – some phenotypes have a bitter coffee touch, so its flavor gets outstanding, even more complex and appealing.


Peyote Cookies of Barney’s Farm comes from an excellent-flavor Peyote Purple strain and a Cookies Kush strain – top-quality hybrid with clear indica predominance.