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petro chem seeds

Petro chem seeds

It matures after about 65-70 days of flowering, offering a generous yield of fleshy flowers totally covered with trichomes. Similarly to its parent GG # 4, Petro Chem will provide excellent returns in resin extractions.

Cultivated indoors is highly recommended using carbon filters or other anti-odour systems in order to control its powerful and persistent fragrance. Its terpenes profile, a complex and unforgettable aroma, combines chemical glue notes with an exotic and fruity touch inherited from Moon Bow.

Outdoors, Petro Chem produces very large wide and tall plants, offering the best results in hot climates or in greenhouses to protect their dense and compact buds from humidity.

This Sativa dominant hybrid offers very vigorous, tall and well-branched plants. It produces flowers in the shape of golf balls distributed by each node. This plant structure makes it an excellent variety for pruning, trellising and SCROG when cultivated indoors in order to increment floral sites and control the final size.

Petro Chem, resin-coated buds with an explosive aroma

Alchimia is glad to present here Archive Seed Bank’s Petro Chem, a feminised cannabis cross between Gorilla Glue #4, inheriting productivity and power, and Moon Bow #75 (Zkittlez x Do Si Dos) that contributes with an intoxicating fruity terpenes profile.

Petro Chem quickly delivers an intense, relaxing and positive effect thanks to its inherited THC level of 28%.

Petro chem seeds

A large, extremely branchy plant.


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Gorrilla Glue’s funk and Moonbow #75’s tropical, potpourri, kush funk combine to mount an assault on your nostrils.