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pc weed grow box

Growing marijuana indoors is fun but also challenging. A marijuana seedling is very sensitive and vulnerable to small changes. The care that a marijuana plant needs is just like the needs of a little baby. Many marijuana growers all around the globe find ways to care for their marijuana plant and because of this, they come-up with brilliant ideas.

When marijuana plants are big enough for the grow boxes and now have healthy leaves and several branches, it is time to put support for your plants.

Planting is not just mere planting but an investment of love and care for the growers. It is not a simple plant-water-harvest method but it must also be incorporated with feelings.

Growers also improvise and make their own grow boxes in order to save money and avoid paying huge amount to buy commercial ones. CPUs (Central Processing Units) of personal computers can be transformed to being grow boxes of marijuana plants just like the one shown in this video.

Pc weed grow box

Yeah man, and also require LST, thus constantly working on the plant. Also my initial costs were below €100, so not too expensive (2nd grow almost free)

I fuck with this for one main reason. It’s a great way to learn growing without getting too invested.

Underrated comment right here.