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pc grow case weed

External LCD Multi Temperature Display

During vegetative stage plants thrive in high humidity and my internal humidifier raises humidity around 30% higher then outside the case. Other PC grow case makers offer a humidity gauge. but what’s the point of having a humidity gauge if you have nothing to change the humidity with? The higher the humidity the better during veg. During flowering stage though low humidity increases yield so when your plants grow tall enough to be taken off the mesh shelf take the humidifying unit out, place the plants on the floor of the case, and switch to a fall light schedule which will induce flowering.

24 Hour Light Timer
Set any light schedule you need for your plants with this very accurate light timer.

*PROBLEM: All PC grow cases on the market today try to impress you with there high priced hydroponics grow systems. Hydroponics is a great way to grow plants but not in such a small area. The smaller the hydro tank the harder it is to keep pH levels balanced and improperly balanced pH can kill a plant in days and even slightly off pH levels can dramatically affect yield.
*SOLUTION: For a grow of this size soil is the only way to go and offers much less complication. If you opt for the additional Fox Farm Soil and Fertilizer Nutrient Pack you’ll receive Fox Farm soil and organic fertilizers for not only the vegetative stage but also the flowering stage to help you grow completely organic healthy high yield plants.

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*PROBLEM: To date all PC grow cases on the market are only around 17 inches tall. Its extremely hard to grow a high yielding plant in such a small case.
*SOLUTION: My case is 24" tall allowing for approximately 40% more room to grow your plants BIG while still remaining stealth.

Pc grow case weed

After planning, then start on procuring and collecting all the materials including equipment and seeds that should be utilized on cultivating in PC grow cases. Primarily, these are some of the basic materials and equipment that you should have. This includes;

Installing PC grow boxes into your spaces is quite difficult. Nevertheless, you really have to spend some time and effort into planning and assembling everything as needed. At this point of the article, let’s look on some of the basic things and necessary steps to consider when your building grow boxes. This includes the following;

If you’re out of the budget, then considering this grow case would not be too costly. Consequently, you could recycle on your PC cases from your old PCs or buy into some junk shops near to your place to save money.

STEP 2. Gathering of equipment and materials to be used

Make sure to put a heat sink or a cooler, voltage or current regulator and power supply into your PC grow case. Voltage or current regulator is necessary to prevent the buildup of heat into the device that could cause fire and damage to your plants. You could also install fans and carbon filters to make sure that there’s no odor escaping into the growing case. As for this, you could DIY it and research some methods on the internet to guide you through. For the power supply, most growers prefer on using 12 V power supply to be safe and secure.

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In this article, we will take our study into PC Case Grow Rooms as an option for growing cannabis garden. Likewise, we will look at the process of building this type of grow rooms.

Coming from its name, PC grow boxes are basically growing containers fabricated from PC cases or units. Unlike to any computers, the interiors of the case doesn’t contain hard drives, wirings, and motherboards but instead, cannabis plants kept either in pots with a lighting system above of it.

Building PC Grow Boxes

This part of the process is divided into multiple sections to consider some parameters as needed for growing cannabis plants.

The position and the distance of your lights to the cannabis plants will depend on the genetics and growing period of the plant. Thus, it is important to use a lux meter to estimate the probable location for which your lights will be most efficient. Also, make sure that put the lights in a position that lights will be evenly distributed to the plants.