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great white shark cannabis seeds

Great white shark cannabis seeds

Great White Shark feminized cannabis seeds at Ice Headshop from Greenhouse Seeds will make your cannabis seed collection rawk! Great White Shark feminized cannabis seeds are an incredible line of hybrid cannabis. The balance of indica and sativa is truly a pleaser for consumers and growers alike. With massive yields and impressive cannabinoid percentages it’s easy to see why this is a winner winner chicken dinner each and every time. Great White Shark feminized cannabis seeds have an average flowering time of 60 to 70 days.

We will match your seeds with Feminised or Auto depending on your selection, We have a great choice of free seeds from all the big brands!!

Ice Headshop has the cannabis seeds you want not just a little but a lot. Save yourself time and money by going to the only place you need to know when it’s your cannabis seed collection you want to grow like a pro, Ice Headshop. This is where you will find Great White Shark cannabis seeds and many more waiting for you in stock and in store!

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Great white shark cannabis seeds

Flowering Indoor
9 weeks, with a yield up to 800 gr/m .2 .
Very good for SoG and ScrOG.

THC: 14.94% CBD: 0.18% CBN: 0.25%

Flowering Outdoor
Finishes by the first week of October (North hemisphere) with a production up to 1000 gr/plant.

Super Skunk x Brazilian x South Indian.



Very strong body effect, stoned and long-lasting.
Medicinally effective in pain therapy.

1 st Bio HTCC 1997.
Not yet introduced.

Great white shark cannabis seeds

Great White Shark is an indica/sativa variety from Green House and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±68 days ) and outdoors . Green Houses Great White Shark is a THC dominant variety and is/was also available as feminized seeds.

Basic / Breeders Info

Awards: 1st prize Bio HTCC 1997. 1st prize HIGHLIFE 2005.

Green Houses Great White Shark Description

Great White Shark from Green House Seeds is available only as feminized seeds. Regular seeds are not available at the moment. In 8 seedbanks, we found 31 offers between EUR 16.91 for 3 feminized seeds and EUR 711.81 for 150 feminized seeds. If you are looking to buy Great White Shark Cannabis Seeds from Green House Seeds somewhere – have a look to our Great White Shark Price Comparison page with all current offers from all the connected seedbanks and shops – or visit one of the following tested, trustworthy and recommended seed-shops directly to check out their current Great White Shark offers:, Oaseeds, Seedsman, Original Seeds Store, Linda Seeds | Linda Semilla, Herbies Head Shop, Cannapot Hanfshop and Alchimia Grow Shop.

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growing weed in a greenhouse smell

Growing weed in a greenhouse smell

A cleaning or disinfectant agent that masks or removes malodors. However, deodorizers can affect the health, taste and smell of your plants.

The most common filter media for VOCs is activated carbon. According to, “these are hands-down the best option for controlling marijuana grow room odors.” Activated carbon filtration systems are designed to collect and remove odor molecules through adsorption. By forcing air and odors through 16 carbon canisters, the CleanLeaf Odor Series ensures maximum adsorption.

The CleanLeaf Odor Series was specifically engineered for cultivators to eliminate odor from even the most potent flowers while protecting them from contaminants like mold and mildew.

7. Misting System

1. Carbon Air Filtration

Odor neutralizers eliminate cannabis odors at the molecular level by altering the chemical state of odors.

Fogging systems generate fog droplets that capture and remove odor causing molecules from the airstream.

Growing weed in a greenhouse smell

“From a risk perspective, it may be preferable to await the court’s decision on Leamington’s bylaw and/or the outcome of Health Canada’s public consultation before proceeding with a City of Windsor bylaw,” the report recommends.

The Town of Pelham, for example, passed an Odorous Industries Nuisance Bylaw last year that applies to all cannabis cultivation except people growing four plants for recreation. The town has purchased $5,000 Nasal Rangers (field olfactometers) that can measure the strength of odour coming from farm properties and requires growers to use air filtration systems. Kaschak is also hopeful the city can learn something from the legal challenge of Leamington’s bylaw, and that Health Canada will tighten up its regulations to reduce the volume that medical growers are allowed.

“It’s a bit of a disappointment, there’s no doubt,” he said. The report notes that there have been 10 complaints about cannabis odour to the city’s 311 system, all of them concerning one property, the backyard in Fontainebleau.

Susan Hirota, senior legal counsel at the city who authored the report, said the feds don’t put a limit on how much medical cannabis people need. The person gets medical documentation suggesting how many grams he or she requires and that’s plugged into a formula to determine how many plants can be grown. And some locations grow for more than one person, resulting in hundreds and even thousands of plants.

More On This Topic

In an interview Tuesday, Kaschak acknowledged that waiting to take action, as the report suggests, could cause the neighbours to go through another summer with the skunky odour driving them indoors.

It appears such a generous Health Canada allowance, combined with the horticultural talents of some to grow plants 11 feet or higher, are what leads to a persistent neighbourhood stink.

Indeed, the administration report warns that a bylaw restricting or prohibiting the legal cultivation of cannabis “is vulnerable to challenge.” The challenge of Leamington’s bylaw — which was intended to control odours from greenhouse operations, not backyard gardens — may be the first such bylaw to be challenged in court.

Oldcastle residents vow to continue fight over cannabis facility

Pot activist and medical marijuana licence holder Leo Lucier is seen Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2018, in the backyard of a friend’s home in Amherstburg, Ont., where marijuana plants were growing. Photo by Dax Melmer / Windsor Star

“It’s all summer, all summer. We have to run the air conditioning all the time because we can’t open the windows.

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mazar kush seeds

Mazar kush seeds

Auto Mazar Kush XXL strain

Cannabis seeds recommendations | Affordable Cannabis Seeds

The Good: Excellent bud! Potent and narcotic! Plants were also reasonably productive. The bad: 1 of of 9 autoflowered. that means this batch were only F1 seeds! Come on Linda, you can do better than this! This could be an outstanding strain. As it is, it's NOT worth $3.50 a seed, $1.50 at most.


Linda Seeds replies: Hi Leslie, thanks for your feedback. Could you please contact us by email and letting us know when you did purchase these seeds. We really want to investigate what's going wrong here and if there is an issue with the batch or if there was just a mix up.

Mazar kush seeds

Mazar Kush by World of Seeds is the result of a combination between Mazar l Sharif and an Afghan Kush from the Hindu Kush region. This 100% indica plant is perfect for experienced growers.

Mazar Kush – Enormous Cannabis Yields

Mazar Kush by World of Seeds comes from a combination of two different Kush plants; Hindu Kush from Afghani Mountains and a Mazar-l-Sharif. This combination gives amazing results in as far as stability, bud density, potency and delicious flavors.

Growing Mazar Kush Indoors Successfully

By buying this product you can collect up to 1 loyalty point. Your cart will total 1 point that can be converted into a voucher of € 0.20 .

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best marijuana to grow indoors

Gelato descendant Vanilla Frosting is a unique, newer strain with a creamy vanilla flavor and a gassy finish.

Some strains grow better in an indoor environment, while others do better outdoors. Indoor growers typically go for short, stout plants because they take up less space, which can be limited indoors.

Banana Kush is an underrated OG that’s beautiful to look at in your garden. In the right environment, you’ll get dark purple buds with a distinctively sweet, fruity scent.

If you love a certain strain that takes 11 weeks to flower, go for it, but whichever strain you choose, check the breeder or seed bank’s information on it to get a sense of how it’ll grow.

Banana Kush

Pests also love Banana, so be sure to keep it in a cool, dry climate.

Just be careful and make sure it gets plenty of airflow, so it doesn’t get mold. Blue Dream is known for its big yields, so get ready to have some of this strain with euphoric and creative effects in your stash for a while.

By subject matter expert and editor: Pat Goggins

Blue Dream

Short in stature, with dense, chunky buds, this typical indica has won awards in the past and is perhaps most famous for parenting Runtz, 2020’s Strain of the Year at Leafly. Zkittlez is easy to grow and calming to smoke.

Autoflower strains are a great option for growing indoors as they can go from seed to harvest in as little as three months. But, beware: the final buds might not be that potent.

Best marijuana to grow indoors

Just as sweet and colorful as its name suggests, Zkittlez is an indica-dominant strain that produces a complex, fruity aroma and beautiful buds in green, purple, and orange. A mix of Grape Ape and Grapefruit, this strain boasts THC levels up to 23% and relaxed and uplifted effects that result in a perfectly balanced, mellow high. Generally compact and bushy and fairly resistant to mold and mildew, Zkittlez is a great strain for indoor growing beginners. More advanced growers can easily train their Zkittlez plant to optimize its yield.

Looking for the all-star roundup? The Autoflower Super Mix features a collection of these top-performing strains for indoor growers in autoflowering varieties—Gorilla Glue, Bruce Banner, and GSC Extreme—so you can collect these top high-THC highlights all in one pack.

GSC Extreme

Among some of the best strains for indoor growers are those with high levels of THC. Cultivating high-THC strains is perfect for those seeking high-potency rewards, and the unique conditions of indoor growing allow these hard-hitting strains to be even further optimized. Below are eight of the best high-THC strains for indoor growers this year, so take a peek and see what’s right for you.

Banana Kush

Available from ILGM both feminized and autoflower.

Best marijuana to grow indoors

Check out our Blue Cheese grow guide to learn more.

There is a school of thought that suggests that cannabis strains are effectively the same. In reality, it is a case of sativa and indica strains not necessarily producing the effects they are ‘supposed’ to. Marijuana strains are not all created equal! There is weed blessed with top-shelf genetics and Mary Jane that is ‘middle of the road.’

If you grow it outdoors, the return is 20 ounces per plant. It has a harvest date of late September or early October. If you decide to grow Green Crack outdoors, be wary of its capacity to stretch.

2. Quick One Auto

White Widow is another top-shelf easy-to-grow marijuana strain that thrives outdoors. It is slightly indica-dominant and contains around 22.5% THC on average.

For some helpful tips for growing Durban Poison, check out our grow guide: 8 Tips for Growing Durban Poison [Grower’s Guide]

Easiest Marijuana Seeds To Grow

You may have read a few guides that suggest Dutch Treat offers high yields, but the reality is different. If you grow indoors, it will take 8-9 weeks for the strain to flower. However, its average return of 12 ounces per square meter planted is well below the rest of this list. Should you decide to grow outdoors, the yield is just eight ounces per plant on average. Dutch Treat is usually ready for harvest in late September.

We’ve taken all of these factors into account before compiling our list of five easy-to-grow outdoor marijuana strains . Check them out below.

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vvs chem seeds

Vvs chem seeds

Interested in learning more about the best cannabis cultivation techniques to start growing your own Gelato strain and other cannabis plants? Sign-up for Cannabis Training University’s renowned online cannabis college to learn all about marijuana growing and more cannabis topics.

Glazed Apricot Gelato is a cross between Gelato #1 and Legend Orange Apricot. This cross produces a sweet and citrus aroma and sky-high potency. A heavy dose of this Gelato-related strain can lead to some serious couchlock.

Wedding Gelato strain is a cross between Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake strains. Gelato Cake elicits a strong dose of energy and a pleasant hazy aura that can liven up any situation.

In terms of physical relief, Gelato has been known to relax the body and help with muscle spasms, headaches, inflammation, and chronic pain. Some users with insomnia or other sleeping problems take Gelato at night to help them fall asleep.

Gelato Strain Price

Under optimal growing conditions, Gelato produces tight and chunky buds that can have a purple and blue tint when grown in cold weather. Gelato produces a high amount of cannabinoids and terpenes and a moderate to high yield. The flower buds are spotted with striking orange pistils jutting from the bud and icy trichomes glistening from its leaves.

Gelato side effects:

Elev8 Seeds has also bred other Gelato creations such as Gelato Sundae, a cross between Gelato #33 and Sundae Driver strains. Gelato Sundae delivers a high yield and pungent aroma.

Is Gelato Strain Top Shelf?

Gelato flower buds can run customers about $60 per eighth or between $10 and $15 for a Gelato pre-roll. A gram of Gelato concentrate ranging from live resin to crumble to sauce can go for about $40 per gram.

Gelato weed has won critical acclaim including Leafly’s 2018 Strain of the Year award. Leafly stated that in November 2018 alone, “online users spent nearly 435,000 hours looking at the strain details and availability of Gelato at dispensaries near them, more than any other strain.” Needless to say, Gelato is a rising star among flower consumers.

0.05g dab (eyeballing) of the King Louie shatter. I heated up my dab rig and dropped the small pellet of shatter into the piece. The taste was as described; very sour and sweet. Instantly I felt a frosty stoned feeling hitting my noggin' and I realized the potency of this strain was much higher than the last few I had tried. I waited to see if any anxiety would start but instead found myself feeling euphoric and the high seemed to level off to a good intense level quickly but then feelings of warmth and relaxation began washing over me at that time. This is a high that will make 5 minutes feel as long as driving roughly an hour in traffic. When it finally tapered down I went indoors and looked up the strain and decided to write this review since I think this is a very good strain for any experienced stoners to try.

Very pleased, big dank nugs, the sweet and sour taste immediately sticks to your palate. I would have to say that ThCa: level at 26.2.% and a TAC:28.5%. I was very . The soothing calming affects while listening to some vinyl makes it a great afternoon! So If you ever come across this Strain I recommend that you take a toke and enjoy the smoke.

Great for managing mood swings/anger issues. Never felt so calm.

Drove an hour to grab some Royal Salute shake and a gram of "King Ooee Louie" shatter. I smoked a small bowl of the shake to begin the session and gave it a good 10 minutes to settle in. I remarked on the quality of the shake which I spent approx $5/g for. After feeling comfortable with the flower high I decided to give a

I tried this strain hoping it will help with my insomnia. I only took 2 small hits and it kept me up all night. Worse insomnia I ever had. Couldn't drift off to sleep no matter what i tried. The insomnia it caused was way worse than my regular insomnia. Don't understand why I had this reaction to it.

I remember when the Louie first came on the scene years ago it was a new favorite. As I smoke another bowl of Louie today I realize it has become an old favorite. Said to be a cross between OG Kush X LA Confidential (those are some good parents baby!) this bud smells good, looks good, tastes great and the high is always amazing. I'm an experienced smoker so I like heavy Indica buds and this is a heavy Indica.

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how can you grow weed

How can you grow weed

When the pandemic hit, many of us turned to quaint pastimes to soothe our existential dread, whether it was baking sourdough, knitting, or doing jigsaw puzzles. If you want to expand your repertoire of distraction methods with an activity that still has that quiet, homey vibe, but with a bit more of an edge, consider growing your own weed.

Before you get started

Johnson notes that the outdoor grow season lasts from around April to October, meaning if you plant seeds now, they’d still yield flower, but not much. Since it’s late in the season, he suggests buying a large clone, which will have more branches and therefore yield more flower.


Whatever you do, don’t plant your clones in the ground. They’ll run rampant, and “you’ll have pounds of weed in your house,” Johnson says, recalling the trays of weed atop his kitchen table when his crop grew wild. “You don’t need the stress of plants getting out of control, growing over your fence.” If your neighbors can see them, they might complain about them, and having too many plants could get you arrested.

How can you grow weed

Note that “mature” plants are those in the flowering stage, when plants begin to produce buds; “immature” plants are those in the vegetative stage, before they produce buds. A “household” is defined as two or more people living at a single residence.

These are all great resources but not all growers want to put in that amount of time and effort to get a ton of weed—some growers just want to have fun, grow a little weed, and smoke something they grew themselves.

Before you get started growing, you’ll need to see if you even can grow in your state. Below is a list of states in which it is legal to grow your own marijuana at home, both states with medical and adult-use legal status. If your state does not appear on this list, it is not legal to homegrow in your state .

Quick overview of the basics of growing marijuana

Growing weed is super easy—it’s called “weed” for a reason—so don’t worry if you haven’t grown anything before. Our clear, easy-to-digest guide will help growers of all kinds, especially first-time ones.

Check out our Guide to marijuana legalization for more details on homegrowing in your state.

Leafly’s complete marijuana growing guide

Enjoy, have fun, and learn a tip or two—growing weed is therapeutic and relaxing, and there’s nothing better than smoking weed you’ve grown yourself.

Because the plant was illegal for so long, a lot of grow info has been passed down by word of mouth. There are many myths and traditions about growing weed, so it can be hard to sort good, sound advice from hearsay. Also, because it was illegal, there’s ample information on indoor growing and how to get the most out of a small space by maximizing harvests and training plants.

How can you grow weed

Space: 3 x 3 x 5 feet, minimum. “The bigger the space, the better. With all the lights, closets get hot,” Lipton said. That said, closets help growers control light pollution when the plant is in its flowering cycle — one of the main reasons home growers favor them over larger spaces, such as living rooms. “If you have a spare bedroom, or a basement even, you can just use that and close the door,” Lipton said.

Both medical and recreational dispensaries now sell female cannabis clones, which retail for about $15. Alternatively, it’s commonplace for home growers to gift clones to their friends. “When you get a clone, someone will likely give it to you in a four-inch pot. You’re skipping that whole step of having to germinate seeds. You’re already 10, 14 days ahead of the game and basically ready to plant.”

Find a healthy clone.

To harvest, many growers begin by removing the leaves of the cannabis plant with trim scissors, followed by the buds (using pruners). “We call this bucking,” Lipton said. “Gloves are also extremely important for sanitation reasons as well as to keep your hands from becoming sticky with the resin from the plant.”

It’s important to remember that cultivating even one cannabis plant for personal consumption is felony on the federal level and punishable by up to five years in prison. Meanwhile, four US states — Alaska, Colorado, Washington D.C. and Oregon — have passed local amendments, allowing citizens who are 21 years old and over to grow a limited number of plants without fear of persecution.

Trigger the flowering cycle.

For some people, cannabis cultivation is a hobby. Others a life-long passion. But it’s unique in its vast demographic appeal. “Everyone I know grows,” Lipton said. “There are people in their 20s doing it. I know people in their 60s. It’s a fun thing for people. You don’t have to be afraid anymore.” Here are Lipton’s tips on growing your first plant.

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planting butterfly weed seeds

When sowing seeds outdoors, work up the soil in a protected location in early to mid-November. Scatter the seeds over the prepared seed bed and then cover the seeds with approximately 1/4 inch of soil. The cold, moist conditions over winter improve seed germination. Seedlings should emerge in spring. Carefully transplant the seedlings to their permanent locations when the seedlings are 3 to 4 inches tall.

Harvest the seed pods of butterfly weed when the pods begin to split. Seeds can be sown directly outdoors in late fall or started indoors.

To start seeds indoors, fill a flat with a commercial germination medium (such as Jiffy Mix). Moisten the medium. Scatter the seeds over the surface of the germination medium and lightly press the seeds into the material. Cover the seeds with an additional 1/4 inch of the germination mix. Carefully moisten the additional material. Slide the flat in a plastic bag and place the bagged flat in the refrigerator. Leave the flat in the refrigerator for 4 to 6 weeks. After 4 to 6 weeks, remove the flat from the refrigerator and place it in an area with a temperature of 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Seeds should begin to germinate in 3 to 4 weeks. (If no seedlings appear after 4 weeks, place the flat back in the refrigerator for another 4 to 6 weeks and repeat the process.) Take the flat out of the plastic bag as soon as seedlings appear and place the flat under fluorescent lights in a 60 to 65 degree Fahrenheit location. Transplant the seedlings into individual pots when the seedlings are 1 to 2 inches tall. Continue to grow the seedlings indoors under fluorescent lights for several more weeks. Prior to planting outdoors, place the seedlings outdoors in a shady, protected location and then gradually expose the seedlings to longer periods of direct sun. Plant the seedlings in their permanent locations after they have hardened outdoors for 10 to 14 days.

Planting butterfly weed seeds

To determine if a plant is sufficiently cold hardy, the USDA created numbered zones indicating winter low temperatures; the lower the zone number the colder the winter.

Find Your Planting Zone:

View Shipping Rate Chart

US Shipping Charges

Watering: Gently water the planted seed to give additional hydration. The best way to water is from the bottom up. Use a flat pan under the peat pots and add a half inch of water to the bottom of the tray. Don’t over water as it can cause fungus. Water every day or every other day as needed, the best way to test the soil dampness is to touch it. If the soil seems dry then add water; if it’s wet, wait for the soil to dry out to water.

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buy bulk cannabis seeds

Buy bulk cannabis seeds

From Blimburn Seeds Bank , we have competitive prices and guarantee . You want to create your own brand, your own online seed selling company or market your own marijuana seeds and don’t know how to start.

Amazing cannabis seeds, for high yields , high THC and CBD . The best autoflowering strains and the best selection of regular seeds for your own genetics.

From Blimburn Seeds Bank , we have made the best selection of marijuana seeds for medical use .

Blimburn Seeds Bank , we have worked hard for 20 years to build a solid reputation and create our own line of feminized and regular photoperiod cannabis seeds.

Get Discounts on Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

We have a qualified team that will help you in every moment, in the selection of your marijuana seeds. Forget about playing Russian roulette with your grows and turn weed into high yield harvests . They will advise you on the best cannabis seeds , according to your geography and your growing environment.

Our 20 years in the cannabis seeds industry allowed us to have contacts around the world so we can get the best elite clones to develop our seeds, at the same time our high volume of sales make possible to offer the best price if you purchase bigger quantity of seeds.

If you are a wholesaler and want to buy our products in bulk at the best price, we have opened our store:

Looking for cheap wholesale marijuana seeds?

SAVE UP TO 50% when you buy our wholesale marijuana seeds in bulk .

Contact us and we will assist you in a personalized way

Buy bulk cannabis seeds

We’re proud to offer bulk marijuana seeds that are not only guaranteed fresh and viable but are routinely tested to ensure the genetics of those weed seeds are exactly as advertised.

Purchasing bulk seeds for your seed bank or shop is a great way to offer your customers free seeds with their orders while still maintaining your margins profitable.

The highest quality bulk seeds available

What we have to offer:

Are you ready to place a wholesale marijuana seeds order with Marijuana Seed Breeders?

Aside from taking the utmost care of the seeds during cultivation we also closely monitor the packaging process. So when your wholesale order is ready for distribution we can certify that every order contains the highest-quality cannabis seeds possible.

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cannabis seeds international shipping

Cannabis seeds international shipping

ILoveGrowingMarijuana (or ILGM for short) is one of the most popular best online seed banks for several reasons. ILGM offers incredible customer service, a wide variety of seeds to choose from, excellent sales and discounts, and an extensive collection of free growing resources for the brand new and professional grower online.

Editor’s Choice

In addition to the anonymity option, anonymous bills through Bitcoin help ensure safe, invaluable purchases. Herbies Seeds prides itself on reliability and prompt service. No, matter where you are global, Herbie guarantees that you will receive your seeds in less than weeks. Visit Herbies customer service team for help.

Seed Bank Payment Options

Herbies ensure first-rate readability by providing you with a particular product description and all the records you need about your weed seeds. Herbies Seeds prides itself on a choice of top-notch cannabis seeds online. Herbies seeds come from at a minimum 70% contained for your germinate properly and make a great product.

However, in most cases, the seeds won’t be detected. To guarantee this, most seed bank companies offer stealth shipping for customers worried about interception. It’s a discreet way of shipping orders where seeds are placed inside some ordinary objects like DVD cases before shipping; hence the package doesn’t raise suspicion.

This makes it difficult to find a reliable, high-quality seed bank in the United States, depending on an individual’s residing state.

Below is a detailed list of the 5 best seed banks that will ship to the USA.



Final Thoughts

Despite this, experts still advise customers against requesting expedited delivery or a shipping method that requires a signature. This helps avoid drawing attention to the package or being forced to sign for the delivery.

Delivery is free for bulk orders, while standard shipping is around $6.25. It normally takes around one to two weeks. Payment options include check, Bitcoin, bank wire, cash, debit and credit cards. Bitcoin users receive a 15 percent discount.

Germination rate with MSNL is 90 percent, and all seeds are hand-checked by their Amsterdam-based staff. They stock all the major brands including Northern lights, Buddha, and White Widow. Each new order comes with a free surprise such as seeds and other products.

Cannabis seeds international shipping

Some online seed banks might not be legitimate, but the ones in this article are.

Overall, what we liked about Beaver Seeds was the customer service telephone line, which is operated 24-7 and is even linked to a US location. When you’re nervously waiting for cannabis seeds to be shipped in the mail, having customer support to speak to is really helpful.


The company also boasts about their highest quality seeds, using the best production process, and the strictest quality control procedures on the market.

Are online seed banks legit?

They are a trusted brand with 200 stores in Canada as well as an online store that ships worldwide. Their value packs, like Mix Pack Feminized and Autoflower Feminized are ideal for new growers.


The company does hassle you for a refund, but it’s understandable that they have to protect against unscrupulous “samplers” with no intent to pay for quality marijuana seeds.

9. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Most Popular Cannabis Seeds Packs



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head grower cannabis jobs

This is a Full Time job

location: Melbourne Melbourne classification: Farming, Animals & Conservation Farming, Animals & Conservation

location: West Gippsland & Latrobe Valley West Gippsland & Latrobe Valley $50,000 – $75,000 +super (depending on experience) classification: Farming, Animals & Conservation Farming, Animals & Conservation

This is a Full Time job

subClassification: Project Management Project Management

location: Mildura & Murray Mildura & Murray classification: Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics

area: Bayside & South Eastern Suburbs Bayside & South Eastern Suburbs classification: Construction Construction

area: CBD & Inner Suburbs CBD & Inner Suburbs $40 – $45/hour +super, no weekends, no late nights classification: Healthcare & Medical Healthcare & Medical

location: Melbourne Melbourne

Keep in mind that cannabis legislation may vary from state to state or country to country. Before using this job description, you should be familiar with your local applicable legislation and adjust the template as needed. If you use this template to attract candidates through job boards or other means, you must ensure you don’t violate the terms of that job board provider or any applicable cannabis legislation. Workable assumes no legal liability or responsibility nor makes any warranties that the content complies with local applicable cannabis rules and regulations. Workable will not be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages in connection with the information contained within this template.

Master grower responsibilities include:

We are looking for a Master Grower to oversee our cannabis production. It’s an opportunity for you to join a thriving business in a blooming industry.

Job brief

Use this marijuana master grower job description template to find people who can help your marijuana production flourish. Feel free to modify this template based on your company’s needs; add information on your location, the size of your facilities and benefits you offer.