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over flo seeds

OverFLO takes 65 days to finish flowering producing above average yields from medium-sized plants. It develops plenty of side-branches adorned with beautifully-structured buds and thick, almost leathery leaves. During its period of flushing growers can expect to see a lovely display of autumnal shades with red, blue and purple colouration. Resin production is very high and it would thus make a good choice from which to make extracts.

OverFLO is a truly magnificent indica-dominant marijuana strain. It was bred by crossing the unique Colorado Flo clone/cutting with Archive Seeds’ own special male plant Face/Off OG BX1.

This plant displays wonderful and unique aromas and flavours with an exceptional terpene profile. Te Colorado Flo mother supplies blueberry, menthol, incense and Kush flavours which are further enhanced by the addition of well-dank lemon and lime funkiness of the Face/Off OG BX1. A veritable taste sensation.

Go with the flo. No, seriously, go with Flo marijuana seeds as your new favorite daytime smoke. This sativa-dominant hybrid (60/40) is everything you want in a “wake and bake” strain. It naturally boosts a user’s energy levels, cognitive function, and creativity. You may find yourself getting a lot of productive work done in a happier headspace. No one likes leaving the comfort of home for the office, but with Flo in your system, it can feel like an easy, effortless task.

The high of Flo is long-lasting and strong thanks to its higher-than-average THC content. This strain is not recommended for beginners who haven’t built up a tolerance yet. There’s a prominent cerebral buzz in the early stages of Flo that gradually transforms into a body buzz in the later hours. Your body will want to move and walk around, so it might be a good idea to plan a workout during the Flo experience.

Go with the flo. This sativa-dominant hybrid produces a happy high that’s both creative and energetic. It can help patients combat anxiety, stress, and a lack of appetite.


With such an astounding cereal high, Flo is best saved for daytime use when you have time to exert all your energy and thoughts. Flo marijuana seeds also have plenty of medical benefits. This hybrid can alleviate nausea, stress, and anxiety. It can also boost appetite amongst patients going through chemo.