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outdoor marijuana grow box

Outdoor marijuana grow box

If you’ve found the strain that works best for you, be it for anxiety or insomnia or any other condition, you surely know the frustration of not being able to find it at a local dispensary. Maybe a grower stopped producing it or the dispensary stopped carrying it. Just finding the right strain can take some people a long time, and not being able to get a steady supply of your medicine could make all that time and effort go down the drain.

  • Wi-fi connected camera to remote monitor plants
  • Front window to show off your plants
  • 90-day “concierge service” to assist in grow
  • Five different grow boxes available
  • Each kit is scalable
  • One year warranty and customer support

Best complete grow tent: Black Dog Led Complete LED Grow Kit

“I am growing the King Tut sativa strain. I like how well it produces the bud in a closed setting. This is my second year with Mary. Have loved the learning curve.” Gerr, ON Canada

You know the feeling, you’re out on a walk in the neighborhood or waiting in your car in the parking lot picking up your kids from school and it hits you – your nose perks up and your head turns as you try to place that unmistakable odor of weed.

Whether or not you should go with a stealth grow box or a grow tent depends on your budget and how discreet you need to be.

A Pot for Pot

While growing marijuana is a little more complicated than many people may think, a novice can still have their own homegrown bumper crop. After all, people have been cultivating marijuana for thousands of years, long before they had access to the technology and shortcuts of today.

The Mary Model Z is a highly efficient hydroponic system that uses cutting-edge technology to provide a clean indoor growing experience. The multi-directional LED light system provides light to your plants and only uses a minimal amount of power—in fact, less than most home appliances.

Outdoor marijuana grow box

Not only is recreational marijuana legal in Arizona, but also, residents are allowed to grow and harvest for personal use up to 6 marijuana plants for an individual household or 12 marijuana plants with a household with 2 or more adults.

We do Co2 Trimming!

However, through our partner, Marijuana Seed Connect, you will get highly feminized seeds, which means there is a high probability the seed will produce a female plant.

Avoid the Hassle and Aggravation With an Optional Service Contract!

Arizona Law permits six marijuana plants per individual, with a maximum of 12 for a household of 2 or more people. We don’t just build the outdoor marijuana grow house, we also provide all the supplies you need and will plant your first crop!