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organic cannabis growing books

Organic cannabis growing books

Consisting of 20 jam-packed chapters, this massive book is a great gift. The first chapter has more than a dozen subsections devoted to the history of marijuana , modern cannabis law, and cannabis taxonomy.

Consequently, this might be a better choice for potential growers. If you’ve yet to invest in a grow kit or make any significant decisions about your future set-up, this book could help you arrive at the right choice.

5. Cultivating Exceptional Cannabis: An Expert Breeder Shares His Secrets (Marijuana Tips Series) (2004) by DJ Short

This book is packed with handy information beginners and experienced growers will appreciate. This book covers all the must-know topics in depth. This book goes in depth about the plants lifecycle, creating the ideal environment for successful plants and everything you need to know about medicinal cannabis.

For example, readers can find an easy-to-read and view cloning how-to, as well as a brief guide to common marijuana plant pests . This short volume also addresses several common questions that beginning growers must ask themselves.

3. Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Grower’s Handbook

Those who are visual learners are bound to enjoy the full-color photographs and instructions. Equally, reading learners can spend hours poring over the delicately detailed chapters on primordial and lost strains.

Organic cannabis growing books

Save time, labor, and energy with Bray’s comprehensive and easy to understand guide to hydroponic cannabis cultivation.

We’re confident that you’ll discover heaps of valuable information about cannabis cultivation from these marijuana grow books.

This post shares brief summaries of ten high-quality marijuana grow books. We’ve judged these books to be ideal for teaching new, novice, or intermediate-level growers how to grow cannabis.

Solid insights on how to time your harvest for the best results and cure your cannabis for a smoother, lighter, and more flavorful smoke.

How to Grow Marijuana Indoors and Outdoors: 6 Books in 1 by Frank Spilotro

Stewart shares tips about growing cannabis developed from her experience as a Humboldt County cannabis farmer and raises awareness of the urgent need to achieve greater equity and diversity within the cannabis space.

A unique visual diagnostic guide to help you spot pest, disease, and environmental problems by the symptoms present in your garden.

Whether you’re a seasoned grower, completely new to the process, or somewhere in-between, there’s always more you can learn about growing cannabis to help refine your cultivation techniques.

Marijuana Garden Saver: A Field Guide to Identifying and Correcting Cannabis Problems by Ed Rosenthal

Learn how to identify potential problems and prevent costly mistakes during and after your harvest, including when flushing, ripening, manicuring and processing, drying and curing, and storing your cannabis with this excellent marijuana grow book.

A worthwhile read for both historical cannabis buffs and growers, offering deep dives into the history of cannabis’ genetic profile and a manual on how to create your own unique cultivars.