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orchard peach seeds

Orchard peach seeds

Sun ripened juiciness, sweet, fragrant, and succulent; eating a peach in the orchard fresh from the tree is summer’s gift to gardeners. Soft shades of yellow and red beckon you to draw near and savor every lip-smacking bite.

How To Grow A Peach Tree

Peach trees require the same type of care as any other fruit tree. They need regular watering when rainfall is low. Proper pruning for shaping and branching will improve the quality and quantity of the harvest. Fruit thinning will improve the quality of your tree’s yield.

Peach Tree Care

Professional fruit growers used plant grafting to ensure their peaches are true to the peach variety they desire. By planting your own tree from seed, you can enjoy the thrill of victorious peachy discovery, with any luck your peach pits will provide you with fresh, juicy peaches for many years.

Orchard peach seeds

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CANDOR is a fairly attractive yellow clingstone peach. The first early peach of the season with any quality, its fruit are yellow and medium in size. A large percentage of the fruit tend to produce split seeds, which limits this variety’s usefulness in canning. The fruit ripens approximately 20 days before Redhaven. It is a small to medium peach, round to oval, with yellow fruit, 75-80% covered with a red blush at maturity. It grows on a moderately vigorous, productive tree which is self-fertile. This variety is resistant to bacterial spot and requires 350 to 900 hours of chilling. Buds are tolerant to winter cold and frost. It originated in North Carolina and was introduced in 1965. Harvest season begins from June 30 to July 5. Trees require good thinning to obtain adequate fruit size.

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Bloom Time

Peaches ripened on the tree are an experience like no other. Grow your own from our nursery stock, or plan a trip to the orchard to enjoy the many peach varieties we grow. Use the search criteria to the left to select peach varieties by bloom time, ripening period, flesh color or pit type.

Peach and nectarine are both members of the genus and species Prunus persica, and probably differ by only a single gene for skin pubescence (hairs on the fruit surface). One probably originated as a mutation of the other, but we do not know which came first. The species originated in China and was taken by traders from there into Persia, Greece, Italy, and other temperate areas of Europe. Peach and nectarine varieties may have yellow or white flesh. In Virginia different varieties ripen over a wide range of dates, from early June until mid-September. Varieties also differ in fruit size, susceptibility to some diseases and susceptibility to low winter temperatures, chilling requirements, and fruit disorders such as fruit cracking and split-pit.