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orange whip seeds

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Seeds are sold as Novelty Souvenirs, for strain preservation, and for a time when laws change nationwide. Germination of seeds is still illegal in some states. Federally, cannabis growing is in a legal gray area. Be informed before you purchase. By purchasing, you are indicating that you are at least 21 years of age, and are aware of your local laws regarding growing this plant. You also waive any liability against ADBF if you act outside your laws. ADBF is not trying to persuade anyone to break the laws in their state or location.

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Orange whip seeds

6. Wait for the seeds to germinate. Once the roots appear plant them into soil.

We recently shared with you how to grow a lemon tree and also how to grow a kiwi plant. Once you know how to grow Oranges you will be able to use their peels to make an Orange Vinegar Cleaner or whip up some Orange Date Muffins even.

2. Put the seeds into luke warm water for a day.

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The first year, citrus seedlings will grow enough to need to be transplanted to a 10- or 12-inch diameter pot. Check the bottom of the pot to see if roots are growing out of drainage holes. If so, it’s time to transplant it to a larger pot. Keep your citrus seedlings healthy and growing strong with consistent water and as much light as you can provide, plus occasional fertilizing. As the seedlings get bigger, they will sprout spiky thorns on their branches, so be careful when watering and transplanting. Occasional pruning of the top central stalks keep the seedlings from growing lanky.

1. Collect the seeds and wash them well.

5. Keep the seeds warm: put the container into a warm room or on a warm surface.

Little Home Gardener is here to show us how to germinate orange seeds using the wet paper towel and container method.

If you would like to purchase seeds, they are available on Etsy, you can even buy a combination of different seeds for a small amount. You can visit here