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ontario marijuana seed bank

Ontario marijuana seed bank

Nova Scotia: 4 plant grow limit, legal age of 19


Yukon: 4 plant grow limit, legal age of 19


Popular varieties include Fruity Pebble OG, Grapefruit Kush, Auto Lemon Kush, Chemdawg, and more. Each has an 80% germination rate. MCS offers wholesale prices for bulk orders.

Ontario marijuana seed bank

Popular Strains

Jordan Of The Islands is suggested if you’re an experienced grower who has no problem breeding cannabis plants in the traditional way.

It was a tough contest, considering that all of our best Canadian seed banks offered great strains, fair prices, and reassuring delivery protocols.

11. Dr. Greenthumb Seeds – Top Canadian Seed Bank for Safety

While you might think RQS is all about gimmicks, the refund policy is top-notch, as is the free shipping option anywhere in the world, via standard mail. For stealth shipping, however, you have to pay a small fee.

Autoflower Seeds

8. Rocket Seeds – One-Stop-Shop Cannabis Seed Bank Shopping

Check your local laws and know the risks before openly admitting to anyone or any online store that you’re planning to grow pot plants.

And, as any connoisseur would appreciate, the quality of feminized seeds is just better.