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nurse jackie seeds

We wanted to combine the strong medicinal effects of Medicine Woman and Jack the Ripper and ended up with this delicious and powerfully effective strain. This stuff just tastes good, and even though you feel every bit of Nurse Jackie’s considerable THC (21%+) the complex balance of terpenes that makes it so tasty leaves you with a clear head. Whether you are sick, well, or otherwise, Nurse Jackie is going to help you get up and go deal with whatever you have to do.

Nurse jackie seeds

TGA Subcool’s team wished to combine the powerful therapeutic effects of Medicine Woman with those of Jack The Ripper, thus creating the marijuana strain Nurse Jackie, as effective as delicious.

Subcool recommends to quickly cut the apex of the plants to give them a form of bush, because due their Sativa side they can easily triple their height during the stretching phase.

Nurse Jackie has a Sativa cerebral effect, stimulant and active. This is an ideal weed for daily use, specially for patients with serious diseases.

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