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mother’s finest seeds

Mother’s Finest is a tall plant whose pheno-typical variation means that flowering can take between 50 – 70 days. Its stretchy nature means that indoor growers with limited head room should put plants into flower after a very short period of vegetative growth. Conical-shaped buds increase in size to join together forming long colas of resin-encrusted buds with a lovely lime green colour. Only the most sativa of phenos will require the full 10 weeks flowering with most taking considerably less time. Plants that are cultivated outdoors in warm, Mediterranean-type climates will not be ready until October or even early November in northern latitudes.

Mother’s Finest won the Sativa Cup (HTCC) in its first year of release 2002. Since then it has won more awards. It is a high-yielding 70% sativa plant. It is a more Haze-influenced version of Jack Herer.

The aroma of this plant is a piercing pine/Haze with notes of earthy indica and musky/fruity Skunk. The effect is very potent, cerebral and uplifting in true sativa style.

Mother’s finest seeds

Mother’s Finest requires the full flowering time (50 to 70 days), though this is shorter than similar Haze hybrids. Sensi Seeds Mother’s Finest gains height rapidly when flowering so grow spaces with limited upward space should flower early. Like other top quality Sativa hybrids, Mother’s Finest marijuana can be used as rooted clones or small seedlings.

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