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mother of berries seeds

Mother of berries seeds

Moreover, other than its tantalizing aroma of berries, this strain continues the legacy of its Blueberry parent, known for its deeply relaxing quality that rolls from head-to-toe.

Odor and Flavors

Beginners be warned though, it is incredibly potent with a THC of up to 21%. For sure, packs more than enough to knock users to the couch.


Like picking ripe berries from a wild bush, this bud permeates a balance of sweet and sour tones in its initial aroma. Notes of freshly-mown grass are thrown in the mix, bringing users closer to nature upon opening the bag. Rather than a saccharine impression though, it leans more on a pungent tang that adds maturity to the palate. Fittingly enough, its smoke swirls in the lungs as smooth as a titular glass of well-aged wine. As such, the velvety experience is truly intoxicating, enticing users to have another go.

Mother of berries seeds

After a quick germination time of only two and a half days, the four seedlings stood upright in the bright light emitted by a SANlight S4W LED module. The MOB’s growth habit entirely lived up to the official description, with the four plants growing super-compact and squat, like an indica straight from a picture book, except for one difference: Their shade leaves were not as wide-fingered as those of a classic indica plant.

The total dry yield tipped the scales at 273 grams, an average of 68 grams per plant. Compared with the yield level generally achieved by the Doc, the MOB wasn’t a smasher in absolute terms, but in view of the small plant sizes with final heights of 46, 49, 54 and 58 centimeters, the yield-to-size ratio was superior. After thorough drying and curing, the chlorophyll had vanished from the buds and their delicious berrylike nature had become even more pronounced and sophisticated—“a fine example of a fruity cannabis delicacy,” according to the Doc.

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Growing MOB

With regard to its heavy, drowsy indica effect, The T.H. Seeds crew also refers to MOB as “stupid bud,” because when they smoked it for the first time it was fun all the way, but everyone forgot their keys in the end! According to the T.H. Seeds crew, there’s something unique to its flavor, “like nothing you’ve ever smelled or tasted before.”

Two weeks after the light-cycle switch from 18/6-hour light/dark to 12/12, the four plants had already busily begun to bloom—“as fast as an express train,” reported the Doc. The MOB turned out to be the fastest of five varieties growing in his room. “Already at this early stage,” the Doc wrote in his grow diary after four weeks of flowering, “the four plants are looking impressive. Still very homogeneous and still that extraordinarily compact as stem elongation during flowering has been only moderate, with a height gain of merely 60-70 percent. It’s evident that all the buds—top and side colas alike—are about to become thick and chubby. I also love the fact that as early as now, they’re plentifully bestrewn with resin glands. Keep it coming, Mother of Berries!”

MOB Yield

Additionally, MOB’s pink to purple flower coloration brings variety into the usually green cannabis scenery. The typical MOB effect, fueled by a THC count of up to more than 20 percent, is a very strong indica stone providing deep relaxation, often followed by heavy sleepiness. That’s why this variety is praised and used by many as a very effective sleeping aid. Generally regarded as a strong medical strain, it’s also being successfully used to treat stress disorders and chronic pain conditions.

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