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minnesota marijuana growing laws

Certification from a health care practitioner is good for 90 days. A patient must submit a complete enrollment application and get it approved within this 90-day window; otherwise, their certification will expire.

Information About Enrolling, Adding a Caregiver, and More!

If your certification expires, you must contact your health care practitioner to get recertified. Once you are recertified, you will receive another enrollment email with your application link and have another 90 days to get your enrollment approved.


The use or possession of cannabis purchased from a source other than the two state-registered manufacturers (Leafline Labs and Vireo Health of Minnesota – also known as Green Goods) is not entitled to the protections of Minnesota’s medical cannabis laws. Your use and possession of medical cannabis is only legal in Minnesota if purchased from Leafline Labs or Vireo Health of Minnesota (Green Goods). Purchases from other medical cannabis programs in other states or from other sources are not allowed under Minnesota law.

Minnesota marijuana growing laws

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“I think we’re going to see a significant decrease in price, at least that’s what I’m hoping for,” Schroeder said.

The change, which could be finalized early next year, was contained in the Legislature’s omnibus health and human services bill approved in June. It reverses one of the provisions that made Minnesota’s original law one of the most-restrictive medical marijuana programs in the U.S.

The commissioner can also add other methods of delivering the active ingredient in marijuana to patients. This year, Schroeder filed a formal proposal to allow the sale of edibles , baked goods or chewables. The commissioner has until December 1 to decide on any changes.

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The comment period is open until Nov. 8 and Teske said a final draft should be ready by early December for review by the health commissioner, the governor’s office and other agencies involved with formal rulemaking.

State law limits the number of providers, but the Walz administration could request a change if MDH determines more are needed.

Tholkes said her office will keep an eye on the market once the new rules take effect. “We are probably in a little bit of a position of we don’t know what we don’t know and so will be keeping a very close eye on supply and demand,” she said.

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Minnesota marijuana growing laws

A recent Minnesota statutes amendment added a new criteria for severity level – number of “plants.” Minnesota Statutes Section 152.021, subd. 2 , First Degree Controlled Substance Crime – Possession:

But as the government “war” on marijuana imports raged, a funny thing happened.

Should we allow criminal conviction of a person on a technicality? Should we allow the government to ruin a person’s life with overreaching, nonsense laws?

Grow a tomato; money magically appears?

But using the number of plants as a measure of severity makes little sense. It’s not good public policy. We should delete it from the law. Better yet, re-legalize, with legal small-batch home grow, for both medical marijuana and adult-use.

So, according to these lawmakers – and their lobbyists – cultivation is manufacture is selling.

And a similar provision is now in Minnesota Statutes Section 152.022, subd. 2 , Second Degree Controlled Substance Crime – Possession:

Prohibition increases usage

Humans used the cannabis plant for thousands of years. Since the dawn of history, people grew the cannabis as fiber and food (Hemp) and as a psychoactive agent (Marijuana).

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They created a crime by technicality provision – to turn possession of growing marijuana into a fictional “sale.”