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mexican kush seeds

Mexican kush seeds

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Mexico is home to some wonderful marijuana varieties, Mexican Sativa included. Mexican Sativa is great strain to grow outdoor in tropical regions. This mainly sativa strain exists since the 1987 and is a crossing of Durban Poison and African Sativa. The short flower period and easiness of growing makes the Mexican Sativa a great strain for the growers who wants to have their yield fast. Also a great strain for Sea of green and screen of green growing methods.

Mexican Sativa seeds specifications

Although you will get a bit of a dry mouth while smoking, it is a relaxing strain and helps you through the day without getting knocked of your feet. A good strain to smoke on daytime. The crispy buds taste a bit like peanuts, with a sharp aftertaste. The aroma and smell of the Mexican Sativa is pretty neutral which makes it a perfect strain for stealth growing and smoking.

Mexican Sativa seeds description

Expertly derived from legendary landrace of Mexican Haze strain that uniquely furnishes pungent and haze scent, which rather intensified kicks of an extraordinary variety of earthy, citrus, and sweet terpene flavors. The combination of highly abundant CBD strain makes the strain more promising in delivering high therapeutic potentials.

It promotes energizing and mid uplifting sativa high, which surely satisfy recreational activities with its high potency level soaring about 23% maximum. Yet this blend of sativa influences is flawlessly incorporated with high CBD levels that demonstrate a distinct capability to procure treatment and medical care extents to make the existence of human more functioning.


Mexican is a very potent strain as it came from powerful landrace parent strains. It is a hybrid strain that will give you a wonderful high and impressive results. You can grow this indoors or outdoors, as long as the climate is sunny and warm. It will bless you with generous yields with buds oozing with rich resin and delicious THC. You’ll surely grow this strain over and over again.

A very easy strain to grow, she is capable of providing a successful growth rate among amateur growers. No reported hassles and issues pertaining to cultivating the seeds for both indoor and outdoor locations and pledges to produce a hundred percent of females by the verge of the germinating cycle.

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