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mean misty seeds

Mean misty seeds

Despite having a high THC content (up to 20%), Misty is a fairly light smoke, giving you a pleasant sociable buzz, and despite its Indica-dominant genetics, the uplifting sensation is more reminiscent of a Sativa high.

Other jurisdictions support legislation prohibiting the growing of cannabis unless permission are acquired beforehand. Other states enforce restrictive legislation that attempts to stop people from growing Misty marijuana seeds or any other kind of psychoactive marijuana for any reason.

Special for European residents

The same disclaimer stated here applies to the free marijuana seeds in addition to your acquisition of Misty cannabis seeds or other cannabis seed varieties.

They’re fast-growing plants too with a flowering time of just 8 weeks meaning you can get a harvest in September if you’re growing outdoors. Average yields are over 400g per square metre of grow space.

Mean misty seeds

Mean Misty is a fruity hybrid with excellent mental and physical effects. Brought to life by way of the genetic cross of Secret Recipe and Blue Dream, Mean Misty emanates a potent berry scent with earthy elements that speak to its OG heritage. This strain of marijuana sits firmly between physical and mental effects, gaining an effervescent head rush from the Sour Diesel (in Secret Recipe) and the Haze (in Blue Dream) while garnering the mid-level relaxation of Abusive OG (in Secret Recipe) and Blueberry (in Blue Dream). This marijuana strain has been understood to push upwards of 20% THC, so mind your dosage and adore with care.

When smoked or converted into an edible form, the flavor of the Mean Misty strain is best described as Flowery, Sweet.

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