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materials needed to grow cannabis indoors

Materials needed to grow cannabis indoors

And how to actually grow your marijuana.

Any marijuana plant needs 4 essential elements to grow:

Even though I absolutely LOVE the smell of weed…

It’s just easier to get those bomb-ass nugs in an indoor grow.

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An easy way to get started is with pre-made soil which is ready for use straight out of the bag .

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If you choose a hydroponic system, you’ll need an inert medium like hydroton or lava-rock.

1. Marijuana Seeds

Classic example pH-meter SOIL :

Next up are the essential toolkits…

Materials needed to grow cannabis indoors

While you may love those strong, delicious scents, others around you might not. Moreover, more aroma attracts more pests, so if scent control is vital to your grow, you’ll want a charcoal filter to help scrub the particles in the air that contain the smell of your plants.

Now you know exactly what to look for before you start growing. One last time, let’s review the fundamentals for new growers:

Recommended Tools for Monitoring/Adjustment pH & PPM

Temperature and Humidity

Want to skip the steps and get everything you need? You’re in luck!

Like us, plants wake up and go to sleep. When we turn our grow lights on, our plants wake up and stay awake. When we turn our grow lights off, our plants go to sleep. Simple, right? It is. until you realize that plants have two growth cycles (vegging and flowering), and both of these cycles require you to turn your lights on and off for a certain amount of time depending on which growth cycle your plants are in.

A Note on Electricity Cost

That’s why we’re here to help you get started with the ultimate grow room equipment checklist!

Okay, so you’re able to keep the scents in your grow room from getting out of hand. What’s next?