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materials for growing weed indoors

Materials for growing weed indoors

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Materials for growing weed indoors

You’ll want to make sure that your plants are at optimal levels at all times — just like us, if your plants can’t process what they’re being fed, it can lead to illness and even plant death. It’s important to know pH and PPM readings for a couple reasons:

Single Site System (5 Gal Pot)
4 Site System (5 Gal Pot)
8 Site System (5 Gal Pot)

Remember to adjust accordingly if you’re using multiple lights. You’ll have to account for all of the devices you’re using that you have plugged in.

600w-1000w HID’s
700-900w LED’s

Part 6: Grow System — Soil or Hydroponics?

Recommended Grow Systems and Grow Mediums

It’s important to know where you’re going to exhaust your stale air and heat from, and where you’re going to bring in fresh clean air. Having a constant stream of fresh air moving throughout your grow room is important to a healthy grow for a number of reasons:

Thankfully, you can reduce the sound of these fans by controlling the speed of your fans with a fan controller. Lowering the speed of a fan will lower the noise coming out of the fan. Some fans even come with built-in motor controllers, like the Yield Lab Pro Series Fan.

Monitoring Nutrition: pH & PPM Levels

There’s only one problem: Getting started can be tricky.

Regardless of whether you’re using a large grow room or more dedicated grow tent, you’ll want to make sure your entire canopy is covered in light. If you don’t have enough light intensity to reach all of your plants, you won’t see good yields.