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marijuana growing problems curling leaves

Marijuana growing problems curling leaves

Autoflowering cannabis plants use their roots to absorb oxygen. By drowning them in water, you prevent them from being able to access pockets of oxygen in the water. Continuous overwatering can also lead to your cannabis plant being waterlogged over time.

Solution: Make sure your cannabis plant is being grown in fast-draining soil with holes at the bottom of the pot to let excess water escape. Space out your watering sessions until your weed plant’s condition returns to normal.

Why are my autoflowering cannabis leaves canoeing up?

Solution: If your autoflowering cannabis plants are being grown outdoors, use a piece of cloth as an outdoor shade against the sun. Water your plants early in the morning to keep them cool. Try using ceramic pots to insulate your plant’s roots against the sun. (Pro Tip: Seaweed kelp extract is known to help heat-stressed plants recover quickly!)


If you are giving your cannabis plant too much water, or too frequently, you might be overwatering them. Excess moisture and heat can cause your pot plant’s leaves to curl up.

Marijuana growing problems curling leaves

If using fans in an indoor grow room, turn them down a little or make sure they are angled away from the plants and not hitting them directly. If growing outdoors, you may need to bring the plants inside if they are potted.

It’s never a good sign when the serrated edges of cannabis plants take on a “canoe” shape and start curling upwards. In the immortal words of Jim Carrey: “It’s becoming the claw!” So what causes cannabis leaves to curl? Well, a lot of things.

Heat stress and light burn can sometimes go hand in hand, but you can still encounter light burn even with ideal temperatures. Light burn is more common in indoor setups, usually when the plants are too close to the grow lights. Like heat stress, the curling will typically happen towards the top of the plant or whichever part is closer to the light source. With light burn, the leaves will begin to turn yellow and eventually curl. If you’re dealing with light burn, move your plants further away from your light source, and they should recover.

Wind Burn

It’s important to ventilate your grow room, but too much wind (seeing a bit of a pattern here?) directly on your cannabis plants could be one of the reasons your cannabis leaves are curling.

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Light Burn