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marijuana growing license massachusetts

Prior to opening, an additional inspection will then be conducted. Upon review of the inspection report, your establishment will receive a notification that it is allowed to commence operations and start operating as a business.

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Some plans include, but are not limited to: a business plan, a diversity plan, a security plan, a plan for positive impact, and a plan to remain compliant with local codes and ordinances. Each plan should be tailored to your application and include items required in the regulations.

As part of the application process, you must submit evidence that a Community Outreach Meeting occurred and that a Host Community Agreement has been signed with the municipality.

Step 7: Final Inspection

When you are ready to submit your application, you must include identifying information about each person and entity to be listed.

Research the laws and regulations governing adult-use or medical-use marijuana for more information about the regulatory requirements for licensure in the city or town you wish to operate.

Begin researching and writing the operational plans for your business—you’ll need these plans later when you submit your application to the Commission. All plans must be compliant with adult-use or medical-use regulations.


Some municipalities, such as the City of Boston, require additional steps before submitting your application to the Commission. You may wish to speak with the municipality and inquire about the necessary requirements for operating a Marijuana Establishment within the area. View the status of municipal zoning and bylaws by city or town .

The Commission will review the application based on its priority status and when it was submitted. Once the Commission reviews the application, the applicant will be notified via email.

Marijuana growing license massachusetts

Leafy Green Agency is an approved Massachusetts Responsible Vendor Training provider. Follow the link to see the Massachusetts RVT Seminar Schedule and register for a seminar to complete your required training.

Manufacturing Licensing Regulations

Qualifying conditions include:

Possession Regulations

Cannabis delivery was approved by the state in September 2019. There is a separate third-party transporter license for businesses that don’t grow, manufacture, or dispense cannabis. The application fee for this license is $300, and the license fee is $1,000.