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marijuana growing jobs in california

Marijuana growing jobs in california

Marijuana master growers are the backbone of the industry. These marijuana growing job positions in California manage indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse facilities and are responsible for maintaining optimal plant health. Master growers can earn at least $100,000 a year.

Marijuana extraction companies in California pump out pure and potent concentrates for vape pens, edibles, and more. Extraction technicians are responsible for performing solvent-based extraction, crude processing, quality control, and other lab duties.

Marijuana Dispensary Jobs In California

San Francisco and Sacramento also continue to provide some cannabis job opportunities. San Diego, Santa Rosa, San Jose, Salinas, Essex, Oakland, Long Beach, Vallejo, and Arcata are just a few of many California cities with cannabis businesses currently hiring.

Marijuana Sales Jobs In California

Assistant managers help out dispensary managers by engaging with customers and increasing product sales. Assistant managers supervise the staff, manage day-to-day operations, and must have previous management experience. Assistant dispensary managers can earn about $17 an hour in California.

Marijuana growing jobs in california

California’s Ban the Box law applies to all employers with five or more employees. It applies to public and private employers. However, the law exempts certain employers from the law, including:

The lack of law or regulation providing exemption, combined with an increasingly lax federal posture, means that California’s Ban the Box law applies to cannabis employers. California’s Ban the Box has a simple framework: Cannabis employers cannot ask about applicant conviction history on initial applications or during hiring interviews, until extending a conditional employment offer. Where an applicant possesses conviction history, the cannabis employer must engage in an individualized assessment considering the nature and gravity of the offense, the time passed since the offense or sentence completion, and the nature of the job sought. If, after completing the assessment, the cannabis employer denies employment, the applicant can appeal. Cannabis employers must comply with California’s Ban the Box law.

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California’s Fair Chance Act

In 2018, California passed the California Cannabis Equity Act, which seeks to ensure that the people harmed by the war on drugs can receive assistance entering the cannabis industry as entrepreneurs or employees. Business & Professions Code § 26240. As part of the Cannabis Equity Act, the state encourages cities and counties to establish Equity Programs, which provide a leg up to people with criminal records searching for employment in the cannabis industry. The Equity Act not only complements California’s Ban the Box law, but it also evidences an intent to assist applicants with criminal records secure employment in the cannabis industry.

Does California’s Ban the Box Law Cover Cannabis Jobs?

Yes, California’s Ban the Box law covers most entry-level positions for jobs in marijuana industry. No federal, state, or local law or regulation mandates criminal background checks on entry-level cannabis applicants.