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marijuana grow pics

The first marijuana plant stage begins with the seed. A cannabis seed should feel hard and dry, and be light- to dark-brown in color. An undeveloped seed is generally squishy and green or white in color and likely won’t germinate.

Marijuana light cycle: 16 hours a day

Notes on marijuana growth phases

The flowering stage is the final stage of growth for a cannabis plant. This is when plants start to develop resinous buds and your hard work will be realized. Most strains flower in 8-9 weeks, but some can take even longer, especially some sativas.

Seed germination length: 3-10 days

Seed germination

Buds typically grow the most toward the end of the flowering life cycle. You probably won’t notice much budding out at the beginning of the flowering stage, and it will slow down toward the end of the cycle, when buds become fully formed.

Marijuana grow pics

This was my first grow, and I will start off saying I never could have pulled this off without and the invaluable information I learned from Miss Haze. Thank you!

OVER A POUND of dry bud off one plant! (about 19 ozs.)

Strain: White Widow – my first was AK-47 (I admit my true love), currently have Blueberry Auto flower in the tent and not to thrilled with the auto..but will see the ladies through. Simple 3×3 tent, separate area for veg staging.."perpetual harvest"…is that different than "addicted to growing"??

The beginning of life! Ice bomb!

Probably the biggest window-grown cannabis plant I've ever seen, click the pic to see the fulll-size version!

Thanks for the info on foxtailing. Pic is a Russian Fuel about 20 days from harvest, she grew foxtails on top of fox tails. This was a window grow while I was waiting for the greenhouse season this spring. Never grew one like this.

This is a "Coma Kush" indica-dominant plant. I flowered for 8 1/2 weeks to give it a very heavy, sedating effect. It is very pungent smelling and beautifully shaped, as well as very hard and dence.