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marijuana grow op

Marijuana grow op

Before taking any actionable steps toward your growing op, it is crucial to be knowledgeable of any specific rules laid out in Michigan marijuana laws. Launching a grow operation prior to obtaining the required licensing can result in fines, as well as other legal action. Because each state has varying regulations relating to the growing and cultivation of cannabis, it is advised that you contact your state’s governing agency to acquire the applications needed to become a fully licensed grow operation.

How to Start a Grow Operation

Equally important to your grow operation set up is the lighting system you use. Depending on the space you’re working with, you can either choose to have lights installed or install them yourself. Lighting systems can be fitted into the ceiling of your commercial grow operation. If you’re working with limited space, you could also choose to hang lights above the plants. Just be aware of the space between your plants and the lights. You want to leave ample room as to avoided burning and singeing the plants.

Growing Op Lights

All plants require water to survive. Supplying your plants with pure water helps them grow and increases yield. For this reason, you shouldn’t be stingy when it comes to choosing a water treatment system. Consider industrial water treatment services to get an understanding of what is in your water.

Marijuana grow op

Facts and Trends

Common indications of marijuana grow operations:

Why should inspectors care about grow operations?