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marijuana grow lights

Marijuana grow lights

If you’re looking to grow marijuana plants indoors, you need to choose the right grow lights. Without adequate light, you won’t get a decent harvest. The best lighting usually equals the highest quality THC, so it’s essential to get the best ones you can afford. There are so many different types of grow lights available that finding the ideal ones for your needs is challenging.

Why Should I Use Indoor Marijuana Grow Lights?

The uninitiated may believe that house lights are sufficient for cannabis plants. However, even if you use LED lighting, it is almost certainly too weak to help a marijuana crop in a grow room. Remember, your home’s lights are designed for your eyes rather than plants. The light spectrum required to help us see is very different from what plants require for photosynthesis.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Grow Lights for Weed

● They’re typically the choice of professionals.

Marijuana grow lights

These cannabis plants are thriving under T5 grow lights

These are actually just two names for the same thing. This type of metal halide bulb uses ceramic as part of the lamp just like an HPS. As a result, CMH bulbs are more efficient than regular MH lights (though still not as efficient as HPS bulbs).

2.) High Intensity Discharge (HID) Grow Lights

3 Main Classes of Marijuana Grow Lights

CFL Grow Lights