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marijuana grow lights color

Marijuana grow lights color

Greenlight can be defined as light with a peak wavelength between 500 and 600 nanometers (nm). These green wavebands fill the gap between blue and red light in the visible light spectrum, and when combined with amber light, green creates full-spectrum, “white” light.

Green Light and LED Technology

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Our Eyes and Green Light

Many fixtures on the market favor a blue-red spectrum. Those fixtures exclude the middle wavelengths from the spectrum and rely on blue and red LEDs alone, creating an unnatural “purple” light. The design philosophy behind blue-red fixtures asserts that a heavily tuned “purple” spectrum is better for several reasons, as noted below. However, such a sharp departure from the natural spectrum of sunlight doesn’t yield the best results for cannabis.

Marijuana grow lights color

It’s an exciting time to be a commercial grower. With the latest advancements in LED technology, you have more control over your yields than ever before. Variable spectrum LED lights like the California Lightworks SolarSystem® allow you to mimic the light spectrum of the sun and command the changing seasons . . . at least in terms of your plants’ perception.

How the Light Spectrum Affects Plants

Here’s what a typical growth cycle should look like:

Vegetative Stage

What makes greenhouse growing a little more complicated, however, is that you have to do some calculations to figure out the balance between how much of what kind of light your plants are getting from the sun and how much artificial light you need to add in.