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marijuana grow closet

#3 Setting up your grow medium

If you want extra control over the growing process, consider using a small hydroponic system. Using hydroponics for your weed amplifies the growth process, however, requires close supervision of the ph and ppm levels, in which case you may need additional tools to keep track of those values. It may be more costly to purchase hydroponics over setting up a soil container, however.

Mission Possible: Growing Weed in Your Closet

You can grow as many plants as you like and this would also depend on the space of your closet. The bigger the closet the more plants you can grow. Although, the more plants you grow, the greater the responsibility.

#1 Cleaning the closet

Converting Your Closet Into a Grow Room

Check on your marijuana plants at least two times a day to see how they’re doing. Make sure that they receive sufficient light and air inside the closet. As your plant begins to tower from the container, check if the top part feels warm at the touch of your hand, especially if you are using sources of light other than LED. Too much heat may damage your crop. As will too much moisture. So, you always need to balance between humidity and warmth in the closet. When the time comes, collect the buds and prepare to cure them. If you collect a more significant amount of weed, use a glass jar to stock it. Avoid keeping weed in plastic containers as this may affect your weed in negative ways.

Of course, your choice of nutrients will depend on your choice of water delivery and nutrients.

Some newer models emit far-red and UV light, and can be precisely controlled to emit the exact percentages of each type of light.

Choice of Medium & Nutrient Delivery

Good airflow is crucial in any grow, but arguably even more so in a tiny space, where the total amount of air available to your plants gets used up very quickly.

Controlling Stretch

You can also add one or two small circular fans (even a clip-on desk fan or similar would help, if space is really tight) to move the air around inside your closet as much as possible.