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margy mints seeds

Margy mints seeds

Being a Colorado local has offered Cannarado Genetics many great opportunities in the fledgling market of medical and recreational cannabis. Cannarado has seen many things in the industry and this has steered them in different directions. They made their first cross in 1998 when a buddy of theirs brought some seeds back from Amsterdam. Pot of Gold x Shiva Shanti was the first cross Cannarado ever made.

Since then, it’s been a steady evolution of ideas and creation. From backcrosses to filial generations, Cannarado Genetics has worked the plant in every way. Feminized and regular crosses, they’ve done it all. Decades of experience has lead Cannarado here to showcase the most unique strains to the world. By using elite Colorado cannabis strains and clone only elites from around the globe as their base and then building off of that, they hope to bring some of the best weed seeds that the cannabis world has to offer to the community. Cannarado is always striving to keep the best coming out from under their lights. The last 2 decades of breeding has been a passion to them just as much as sharing their creations. Cannarado Genetics hopes people can find something they truly cherish from their work. Be it for healing purposes or just a love of growing this wonderful plant.

Cannarado Genetics-
Buy 5 packs for $125 of the following strains-( you can mix and match as long as all 5 strains are on the list below)
Affy Taffy
Sour Sundae
Dubble Sundae
Apple Sundae
TriFi Sundae
Weed Nap

Buy 2 packs of the new Biscotti Sundae crosses for $160. You can mix and match strains or buy 2 packs of the same strain. THE BISCOTTI SUNDAE F2 DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR THIS OFFER! Each pack you buy also comes with a free pack of a randomly chosen Frozen Margy cross from Cannarado Genetics!

You just put the packs you want in your cart and check out; when you get the invoice, the price will be adjusted to reflect the sale.
They have a new deal up now. I saw the email this morning. COPY/PASTE below:

Cannarado Genetics-
Buy 5 packs for $150 of the following strains- ( you can mix and match as long as all 5 strains are on the list below)
Sundae Float
Nila Wafer
Peanut Sundae
Kitchen Sink
Sundae Struedel
Cookie Dough Sundae