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mag landrace seeds

Mag landrace seeds

The flavors of Mag Landrace are mostly like: Sweet, Earthy, Pungent, Woody and Spicy/Herbal while the effects of mag landrace are mostly like: uplifted, euphoric, happy, sleepy and relaxed.Buying Mag Landrace seeds is not possible at the moment, we will keep you informed as soon as the Mag Landrace seeds are available.

You want to buy Mag Landrace seeds? Get yourself informed about the effects of the Mag Landrace strain. Mag Landrace is known for the following effects:

Mag Landrace flavors

This Mag Landrace strain has the indica purity with THC levels of 12 percent. The CBD level of the Mag Landrace is low. Mag Landrace is known by the acronym of Mlr. Mag Landrace will grow into a beautiful cannabis plant with nice buds. Germinate the Mag Landrace seeds and grow it into a nice cannbis plant, with a regular flowering time to be ready.

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Mag Landrace reviews

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For a long time, users have chosen this particular cannabis as the guarantor of the high. Pure Indica is quite potent, with THC levels of 21-24%. Inexperienced consumers should be careful with this marijuana. The effect appears pretty quickly. It all starts with a feeling of inexplicable euphoria. You can feel yourself blurring into carefree happiness. Being in this state, all things will seem not so difficult. The euphoria is soon replaced by deep, pleasant fatigue throughout the body.

Mag Landrace cannabis will relax all the muscles in your body. Smokers say that it takes away any pain that might arise. This strain is great for evening use.

Mag Landrace is a pure Indica native to Iraq. This kush is not the result of crossing, it is something old-fashioned, high-quality, time-tested. Most likely, the strain bought in America is the product of Ataraxia, which grows weed imported from Iraq in Illinois. Mag Landrace bud has a sweet earthy aroma, slightly spicy, with hints of herbs on exhalation.

Consumers also report feeling sleepy at the end. It becomes easier for them to cope with insomnia. Among the negative effects that are rarely seen, dry mouth and partial memory loss can be distinguished. Because of these effects, Mag Landrace is often used for depression, loss of appetite, chronic pain, and ADHD.

Flowering time takes about 10 weeks, although the harvest will not disappoint you. The difficulty of growing can be called average, but it is better to consult with people who are experienced in this area.

A landrace cannabis strain from Iran, Mag Landrace is a pure indica that is natural and a native species in its home country. Mag Landrace is comprised of the same genetices, purely, and is not the product of a cross between two strains by a breeder. And, as with many other pure-indica strains, Mag Landrace is a great choice for an evening toke, as it provides sedating and very relaxing effects.

Even experienced users may want to start slow with Mag Landrace, since its high is powerful from the get-go. Many have remarked on the sudden onset of pure happiness (and giggles) that Mag Landrace can induce. You’ll have a while before the intensely sedating effects of this strain take hold, which leaves plenty of time to check a few more items off your to-do list before settling into the sofa. And, settle into the sofa you will, once Mag Landrace creeps into your muscles, spreading tingling relaxation into every corner of the body.


Mag Landrace is a pure indica strain hailing from Iran that will leave your body feeling fully relaxed and your mind free of stress.

Medical marijuana users have noted that Mag Landrace can be a godsend for chronic pain or muscle aches, as well as those suffering from insomnia.