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lowest temp for growing weed

Lowest temp for growing weed

Clones prefer higher humidity than plants with developed roots

Unfortunately, higher temperatures during the flowering stage can cause plant problems and slowed bud growth. It can also cause terpenes and potency to evaporate into the air.

7 Essential Concepts About Temperature Control

Note: Slightly chilly is okay, but never expose your plants to freezing temps!

Tip: Use Temperature to Help Control Growth!

Temperature & Humidity Adjustment Cheat Sheet

It can help to switch your timer’s on/off cycle, so your grow light is on at night and off in the day.

Lowest temp for growing weed

All this may guarantee the fastest rate of growth for cannabis plants. However, our goal is a bit different — we grow for the highest possible production of THC and other cannabinoids, as well as terpenes that make the smoke so aromatic and flavorful. So, with that in mind, growers have gradually come up with the following empirical figures:

Ideal Outdoor Marijuana Temperature

Also google ‘geothermal greenhouse’. This is basically an underground (or partially underground) greenhouse with a glass roof that is generally made sloping and facing south. A geothermal greenhouse makes use of the fact that deep below the ground surface the temperature remains stable throughout the year. It’s much cooler in summer, and much warmer in winter compared to above ground. For such a greenhouse to really work its magic the depth must be 10-12’ (

Outdoor Marijuana Temperature: Focus on the Root Zone

Conversely, if your winter cannabis doesn’t finish before spring, or more specifically before the spring equinox (March 20), days will gradually become long enough to disrupt the flowering. So make sure you plan your winter grow accordingly.