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low growing lawn weed with yellow flowers

Low growing lawn weed with yellow flowers

White clover is a very common and easy to recognise weed that’s commonly found in lawns and turf. It’s a perennial weed and grows low to the ground with creeping runners. It can quickly choke out grass. You’ll recognise it by its distinctive three-leaf shape and small white flowers.

You can remove daisy plants by hand with a daisy grubber if you only have one or two on your lawn. If it’s a large infestation, you’re best to use a herbicide solution or spot treatment such as Weedol Gun! Lawn Weedkiller.

White clover

Alternatively Weedol Lawn Weedkiller will give season long control of weeds with just one treatment.


It’s a perennial lawn weed, and can cause major problems as it tends to form in large patches and then spreads both above and below ground.

Size: To 8 inches tall and 2 feet wide

Size: 4 inches tall, several feet wide

Size: To 18 inches tall and 20 inches wide

Type: Broadleaf perennial

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Type: Broadleaf annual

Type: Broadleaf perennial

Where It Grows: Lawn, landscape, and garden areas in sun or shade


Type: Broadleaf perennial

Where It Grows: Sunny landscape and garden areas