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lime berry seeds

Lime berry seeds

Limeberry is considered a weed in some locations and valued for its fruit in others. What is a limeberry? Read on to find out more about limeberry plant information and about growing limeberry fruit.

What is a Limeberry?

Interested in growing limeberry? Limeberry propagation is accomplished via seeds, which can be obtained through reputable internet nurseries. Limeberry plants make excellent bonsai plants or almost impenetrable hedges, as well as specimen plants.

Are Limeberries Edible?

Limeberry can be grown in USDA zones 9b-11 or grown in a greenhouse. That said, information on the hardiness of limeberry is disputed, with some sources stating that upon maturity limeberry will survive frosty temperatures and others avowing the plants are far less hardy than citrus and must be greenhouse grown.

Lime berry seeds

The limeberry is fairly hardy and can survive frosty temperatures.

Small tree or shrub to 15-20ft. Trees often have a shrubby, bush-like growth habit. Flowers and fruits may be born through much of the year, with concentrations during summer months.


Small, red colored, berry like fruit, with acidic, lime flavored flesh.

Grow in full sun to part shade. Water regularly. Protect from long frosts or hard freezes.


Seeds are not available for the Limeberry. Please visit our seed store to view current selections. Seeds were last available in October 2018.