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led grow lamp weed

Led grow lamp weed

The use of LED lights for growing medicinal cannabis, enables you to create the perfect circumstances for the plants. You can adjust the light output to the plant’s growth phase. The seeds need lighting from the moment they have germinated, but cannabis plants in the vegetation stage need a lower light intensity or different spectrum than plants in a flowering stage. Botrytis causes a soft rot that damages cannabis buds during growth and after harvest. It usually occurs when temperature and humidity levels are high. With a sudden drop in temperature, the humidity from the air condenses and descends like water on the plant. This could occur when lights are turned off. Oreon's LED grow lights do not radiate much heat, keeps the temperature stable and therefore a better controllable RH. Growing cannabis indoors with LED lights empowers you to provide the cannabis plant with the right temperature and amount and intensity of light.

The biggest benefit of the use of cannabis greenhouse LED lighting, is that you can control the light levels the plants receive. The time of day or season will no longer influence your yield. Due to the water cooling, the indoor facility doesn’t heat up and the climate remains stable. This is beneficial because the lighting hours can increase so the plants receive more light and that means more yield!

Growing cannabis in a greenhouse with LED lights empowers you to provide the cannabis plant with the right amount and intensity of light.

The use of LED grow lights for medical cannabis is not common for everyone in the branche, but the production of medicinal cannabis can perfectly be executed indoors with LED lights.

Perfect growth conditions and prevent botrytis

This specific crop needs a lot of light: at least 12 hours a day. It’s no surprise that cannabis can endure much light, but it doesn’t like too much heat. Even though all LED grow lights are beneficial for the growth of cannabis plants, Oreon’s cannabis greenhouse light system uses a unique water cooling technology. This ensures that the electronics and LEDs are cooled continuously. This leads to a high quality product and savings on energy costs.

Medisun produces medical cannabis in Ontario, Canada. They use Oreons’ LED lights for cannabis, which is one of the main factors that allow them to grow a crop with consistent high quality. The lights even make it possible to complete one extra growth cycle per year!

Consistent optimum level of light

Led grow lamp weed

New growers may be asking why they need to spend the money on LED lights for weed and can’t simply use a basic desk lamp to save on initial startup costs.

Why should growers invest in lights to grow indoor weed in the first place?

Photosynthesis converts light energy into chemical energy, enabling plants to grow big and strong. With the marijuana plant, in particular, cutting-edge grow lights support flower growth and bud production.

LED lights have even encouraged some U.S. cities to issue tax breaks to commercial growers who upgrade to these lights.

How Cannabis Plants React to LED Lights

Indoor cannabis grow lights facilitate the cultivation of high-quality, high-yield, and consistent harvests. Cannabis is a particularly tricky plant, demanding lots of care and full, direct light. Cultivators can take their harvests to the next level by utilizing state-of-the-art marijuana grow lights.

For this reason, LED lights are necessary to meet the specialized needs of a cannabis plant. A high-end LED grow light for cannabis is designed with every growth stage in mind.

Larger cannabis plants require more light over a wider area for optimal growth. Ordinary LED and other types of light are unsuitable for the latter stages of marijuana plant growth. High-power, purpose-built LED grow lights take energy from different areas of the color spectrum to support photosynthesis.

Cannabis Grow Lights: Why You Should Use Them

The difficulty for anyone looking to grow is choosing between the vast variety of indoor grow lights for cannabis. The endless selection can be daunting – cultivators have never had more choices, whether for home or commercial operations.

Why are grow lights so effective at elevating the harvests of cannabis cultivators? On a basic level, cannabis plants are like any other plants in that they require light energy to carry out photosynthesis.