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la soda seeds

Notice: Can not ship potatoes to
California or Idaho.


Our potatoes are all Certified Blue Tag (#1) seed potatoes unless otherwise indicated. Certified Yellow Tag may have some hollow hearts which should not affect growability or quality. Potatoes are usually available in early March. For best choice, order in January and tell us when you want them. Potatoes are usually available around March 1. We will begin taking orders around mid December and stop when we run out. In the comments section on the check out sheet, indicate when you would like delivery. If they don’t appear in your cart when you order them, they are gone.

Additional information

KENNEBEC 85 days
Mid-season to late. The most popular white potato sold. Thin, white skinned with shallow eyes. Good choice for home gardens and stores well. Very resistant to early & Late Blight and Mosaic Virus.

La soda seeds

Cut the seeds 5 or 6 days before planting. Hold the cut seed in a well-ventilated spot so it can heal over to prevent rotting when planted in cold, wet or very hot weather. Plants killed by a late spring frost will not come back if the seed piece is rotten.

Figure 2. Flatten the beds at 6 to 8 inches high and 10 to 12 inches wide.

Seed preparation

Irish potatoes are a cool-season crop; they grow best in early spring and late fall when the days are warm and the nights are cool. However, the tops of the plant cannot withstand frost.

The seed pieces will be planted in the row between the two bands of fertilizer (Fig. 3).

Soil preparation

Allow the potatoes to dry; then store them in a cool spot with plenty of air movement. Most potato varieties are ready to dig 95 to 110 days after planting.