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la jack seeds

La jack seeds

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Jack La Motta feminized cannabis seeds have an average flowering time of 80 days requiring a little patience from the grower but that is due to the heavy sativa characteristics found in this incredible cannabis strain. Strong THC percentages averaging 15 to 20% combined with high CBD levels make this 75% sativa dominant cannabis strain a favorite with those who are looking to maintain their day without catching a case of couch-lock.

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La jack seeds

Jack La Mota from Medical Seeds was born in homage to one of the most famous cannabis activists, Jack Herer. Sensi Seeds named one of their strains like this, a variety that has become one of the most renowned marijuana plants in the cannabis scene.

Thus, plenty of incredible hybrids have been developed from this genetics. Doubtless, one of the best plants among these hybrids is the Northern Lights#5 Haze marijuana strain.

It absolutely loves hydroponic systems, where it can show its full potential.